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Home renovation at 0 euro with Superbonus 110%

Renovate your home without spending a single euro by taking advantage of the most famous discount in Italy: the Super bonus 110%. How is it possible to increase the comfort of the home without spending anything? The tax deduction with the record rate in the history of Italy. Let’s see how to do it.

Are you planning to renovate your home but do you want or need to save as much as possible?

It seems absurd and yet it seems it can be done. Such as? Making the most of the new 110% Ecobonus, also called Super bonus.

110% is the tax deduction rate applied to a whole series of interventions listed in the new Relaunch Decree, designed by the Italian Government precisely for all those who will carry out construction works in the period between 1 July 2020 and 31 December 2023.

The deduction applies to the entire amount spent on the works, which have the aim of improving energy efficiency and which must be certified by specialized technicians. Once the ok to obtain the 110% eco-bonus. The sums spent will be returned in the 5 years following the one in which the work took place in installments of authentic amounts.

Alternatively, in the event that the fiscal incompetence does not allow to take advantage of the reduction in the tax return, there are two alternative ways:

  • credit transfer to a financial intermediary (banks, post offices, etc.)
  • discount on invoice

For what purpose has the Government decided to launch the 110% super bonus which is accompanied, among other things, by the 110% Sismabonus? The goal is to redevelop the Italian building stock without forcing citizens to pay money.

The construction sector is an area of ​​the Italian economy that, over the years, has particularly suffered the crisis, the purpose of the Government is to give life to this sector with a series of measures, such as that of the Ecobonus.

Energy saving is the other fundamental objective, responding to a series of needs not only in Italy but at a European and in general world level. The need to get to cleaner and cleaner energy sources and not to waste energy has now become fundamental.

The planet is suffering, and the only chance we have is to reduce more carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere every year.

Which jobs provide a 110% super bonus?

Be careful, however, because the fundamental thing you need to know if you intend to request the 110% supper bonus is that it is possible to use it only on the occasion of certain interventions, listed in the Relaunch Decree. To simplify things, here are all the jobs you can do at home and for which you can get the super deduction of 110%.

Therefore, the 110% super bonus concerns only some  interventions, which are listed in the guide published by the Ministry of Economic Development and which are indicated with the term driving:

Thermal insulation interventions that concern the surface of the entire building, if it is a condominium. The same applies to single-family buildings, therefore owned by a single owner. The surface affected by the intervention must be greater than 25% of the entire dispersing surface of the building. The eco-bonus can also be used for real estate units in multi-family buildings. As long as they are autonomous and have at least one separate access.

Works for the replacement of existing and now old air conditioning systems with new and more functional centralized heating and cooling systems for the entire condominium or belonging to private buildings or, again, to real estate units within condominiums but independent and with independent access.

Thermal insulation interventions

What are the thermal insulation interventions we are talking about? The green philosophy applied to the construction sector has become increasingly popular in recent years. It is a real necessity, as we have said. In this sense, one of the ways to significantly reduce the impact that the heating. Or cooling of homes has on the environment is to opt for thermal insulation works on the building.

For this purpose, the surface of the condominium or single-family house is covered with a sort of coat that serves to insulate the building avoiding the dispersion of heat or cold air. To do this, it is necessary to insulate floors, walls, and roofs. The entire surface of the building or home can be covered with insulating panels for this very purpose. Among the most used materials are rock wool, cork, and felt.

The other type of work that you can do with the aim of taking advantage of the super bonus is the replacement of the old air conditioning systems. Both for heating and for cooling the house, with new, more efficient systems that limit dispersion, with a minimal impact on the environment and a significant economic saving.

What are the documents to submit to take advantage of Ecobonus 110%?

It is not enough to do the works we have listed above and not even to do them within the time period provided for by the legislation 1 July 2020/31 December 2023 (in 2024 and 2025 the rates will be reduced) – once the work is done, you will have to prove your expenses by sworn statements that certify the requirements for access to tax deductions for the energy redevelopment of your home.

How can I obtain these documents? A specialized technician will carry out an inspection and verify that each intervention is in accordance with the law. At which point he will issue a certification that must be delivered to Accountants, Accountants, in short, anyone involved in the electronic transmission of documents, or to a CAF to obtain the Compliance Visa necessary to obtain the bonus.

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