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Helping to prevent blocked drains at home

A blocked drain in the home can cause a whole host of problems, but one of the biggest problems which can occur is the issue of damp – and if you do end up with this in your home then you will definitely know about it. Damp not only has the potential to smell terrible, it can also cause serious damage around your home if it’s not properly treated,

Prevention is always better than a cure, and this can also apply to your drains at home – making sure that they are unblocked is a good way to start, rather than having to go through the painful process of trying to unblock them at a later date, when chances are that you will also be paying for a clean-up bill!

So what can you do to help prevent drain blockages? Well next time that you are at home, have a look over a few of the tips below, and see how you can use these to help prevent any potential problems from arising:

  • Use drain unblocker – regularly
    Be pre-emptive and use drain unblocker quite regularly, even when you don’t think you need to. Even if you can’t see the site of the blockage it doesn’t mean that it’s not blocked, so pour that drain cleaner down the drain and let it do it’s magic
  • Don’t push food down the drain
    When cleaning up plates and bowls it’s all too easy to just push the food down the drain rather than emptying it out into the bin. Although this might seem easy, what it does in actual fact is start to block up your drains and as the food moulds away in your drainpipes it can really start to cause degradation problems. There are catchments that you can put into your plugholes to prevent food from going down, and these are a great investment
  • Keep foreign objects away from the drain
    Don’t put anything that isn’t a liquid down the drain, and even then, don’t put corrosive chemicals and other potentially bad elements down the drain – these can cause damage to your drainpipes and cause them to leak
  • Clean the drain
    By cleaning your drain regularly you will ensure that nothing gets stuck in there which could potentially cause problems or harm to you further down the line. Drain cleaner is readily available in the supermarket and not only will it avoid blocked drain problems, it will also keep them smelling great at the same time!

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