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Helpful Hints for Tidying Up Closets and Wardrobes

One of the problems with enjoying special department stores is that the wardrobes simply never have as much space as you would like. However, clothes must remain hanging freely so that they remain fresh and wrinkle-free. Here are five rules for storing your clothes.

1. Store your clothes off-season

Find yourself a place to hang your clothes that overflow from your wardrobe. It could be an empty wardrobe in the guest room, an entry wardrobe or a hanging bar in the laundry room.

  • Each spring and fall, move your clothes out of season from wardrobes in your room to that in the guest bedroom.
  • Take advantage of it to bring your clothes in season in the wardrobe of your room.
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2. Examine your everyday clothing needs

If you wear casual clothes five days a week, do not leave your chic clothes (suits and suits, for example) in your main wardrobe.

  • Put them instead in your wardrobes, with other clothing off-season.
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3. Get rid of clothes you do not wear

By rotating your clothes, examine each item.

  • Get rid of the clothes you have not worn for a year, no matter how cute they are or they evoke your fond memories.
  • You cannot afford to clutter your home anymore. Think about your lifestyle. If you do like most of us, you possess more clothes than a normal person needs.
  • Buy less, throw away and give more. No need to take out your credit card every time you see a bargain.

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4. Know the right ways to repel moths

Unfortunately, the insect repellency of wardrobes and cedar chests is grossly overestimated. Of course, the moths take their legs around their necks after feeling the aroma of the cedar, but you probably did not know that this smell lasts only a year or two.

  • To revive this perfume requires sanding the surface of the wood, and that, almost nobody does. If you cannot feel the cedar, the months either.
  • Similarly, politely refuse to pay for the dry cleaner to have an anti-mite treatment done on the clothes you are going to put away. This requires the addition of a liquid to the cleaning solvent, but this treatment lasts only a month or two.

What is the best way to store your clothes in wool and silk?

  • Have them dry clean first, and then slip them into mothproof bags, which you can buy from the cleaner or at some discount stores.
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5. Wash your clothes before storing them

Before storing a wedding gown or prom dress, have it cleaned dry. Even if the dress looks perfectly clean, you risk ruining it if you do not clean it.

  • Invisible stains like lemon-lime drinks, white wine, and even sweat will turn into yellow or brown spots over time. In addition, once in place, they are almost impossible to eliminate.
  • Another good reason to have your clothes clean before storing them: if moths and enthrones like natural fibers like wool and cotton, they like them even more if they are soiled, stained or full of sweat.
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You do not have a secondary wardrobe.

If you do not have a secondary wardrobe, find yourself a cool, dry and well-ventilated place.

  • Add a clothing rack on wheels and cover with a cotton sheet to prevent dust from settling on clothing
  • Avoid places directly exposed to sunlight, which can discolor clothing.
  • Avoid storing winter clothing in the attic. The hot summer temperatures of the attic can damage the fibers and cause the invisible spots to catch.
  • Avoid storing clothes on thin hangers.
  • Avoid storing your clothes in cardboard boxes. The cardboard is acidic and its glue can attract insects or other pests. Instead, opt for plastic boxes with a lid.

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