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Five types of glue and their uses

There is a large variety of different glue types, each with their own specific uses. Here we explain five available glues and their qualities.

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Super glue

Super glue, or Cyanoacrylate adhesive, is a strong, clear-drying glue with a quick bond. It is a waterproof glue which can bond a number of different materials – ceramic, wood, metal, leather, glass and some plastics. Super glue is less effective if too much or too little is applied, affecting the bond. Acetone solvent can clean up super glue before it has cured but once cured, solvents can’t dissolve it.


Plastics, textile fibres, sand, rubber and ceramics can all be bonded with polyurethane adhesive. It is also an effective wood and metal bonding adhesive, which can come in both one-part and two-part options. Particularly good for wood, polyurethane requires clamping for a few hours to build the strength of the bond, but can even work on woods with high oil and moisture levels. Dried polyurethane can be sanded to remove, and solvents can remove it prior to curing.

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Spray adhesives

These are based in a solvent, applied by spraying, and can bond lighter materials such as foam, paper, fabrics, photos and felt. There are speciality sprays available for heavier items such as wood, metal or sheet laminates. Once sprayed, the solvent must evaporate completely before mating to get an immediate bond, and materials cannot be moved once mated.


While epoxies can be used on many surfaces including metal, they are usually two-part substances meaning they require exact mixing in order to be effective. They can be used for high-performance bonding in harsher environments and cure quickly. It is possible to get a one-part metal bonding adhesive, such as ). Epoxies can fill gaps effectively due to their strength, and quick cure.

Hot glue

Hot glue is applied using a glue gun and is good for bonding uneven surfaces. It has low or high melting options and the efficiency can depend on the polymer type being used. The glue is sold as a stick. For more information on using a hot glue gun, see Hot glue isn’t ideal for strength applications, and will struggle with hotter temperatures, but it does set quickly.

Each of these glues have their own advantages, depending on the surface and strength requirements.

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