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Some easy ways to turn a room with fabrics or wallpaper

Does your living room need a makeover? Use these design tricks to transform a dull room using pieces of fabric or wallpaper.

Think your sofa is your favorite shirt

That is, cover it with a color you like to wear instead of a neutral color, which most people choose, that disappears into the room.

  • If you choose your favorite color, the one that suits you best, the sofa will have a central place. You will never be tired of sitting or looking at it.
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Use in small doses fabrics with bold patterns

A few patterns on a decorative stool or pillow will have an impact.

  • It will not be too vibrant, but it will stand out.
  • This is a good way to use an expensive fabric that you like without having to spend too much to cover a whole couch.
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For large chairs, choose a small print

If you cover a large chair, such as an armchair, choose a fabric with small patterns.

  • These chairs are quite dramatic. Small patterns balance the look and look more sophisticated.
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Choose the right fabric for your family

Do you have children? If so, choose a sofa fabric that is easy to maintain.

  • The patterns help hide spills and crumbs. You probably know that now.
  • Did you also know that fabrics with a texture, a cotton velvet or other velvet textiles, could very well mask the disorder? Try it. You worry less and benefit more.

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Dress up boring blinds

These vanilla-colored blinds cannot be uglier. They are inexpensive and complete the task. For a few dollars more, you can transform them, and transform an entire room at the same time, sticking a wallpaper with bold characters inside.

  • This works best with blinds 68 centimeters (27 inches) wide or less, which is the standard width of a roll of wallpaper.
  • Measure the length of the blind in full extension and cut the wallpaper to the same length, leaving an extra five centimeters (two inches).
  • Spread out the awning and cover it with wallpaper glue using a sponge roller.
  • Lay the wallpaper on the glue, bending the extra five centimeters (two inches) under the awning.
  • Use a rolling pin to smooth the air bubbles. Cut off any excess wallpaper.
  • Because wallpaper can make the blind difficult to roll from top to bottom, this trick works best on windows where you leave the blind partially closed.
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Make a decorative bulletin board

The large acoustic ceiling tiles, the kind of thing you see in offices with false ceilings, make very good bulletin boards inexpensive.

  • Visit your home improvement center. Look for tiles of any size you like; Tiles of 60 square centimeters (2 square feet) cost about $ 25 for a box of four.
  • Wrap them in the decorative fabric of your choice (leave a slight overlap and glue the edges to the back). You can hang them directly on the wall or paint a hollow core door and secure them to the door in a neat row.
  • Learn the door against the wall and voila! You have an inexpensive bulletin board.

All these simple tips can help animate a dull room without being overwhelming. Try some of these tips and see which combinations work well for your taste.

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