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Designing an oak framed garage

If you need a covered parking area for vehicles, an oak framed garage is a beautiful way to achieve this. This type of garage is best suited to a home that already uses oak or a home with similar details.

The main parts of an oak garage are usually a skeleton frame with softwood rafters, studding and an external cladding often consisting of timber weatherboarding. It is unlikely that the whole structure would be made from oak as this is an expensive material.

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Many oak framed garages are constructed in a carport design but your choice of windows can be added, as well as choice over the type of roofing material required. Oak framed garages don’t usually need planning permission as they fall under the category of permitted development. However, it is always wise to check with the local planning office, especially if you live in a designated area or conservation area.

If you’re looking to keep costs down, there are plenty of pre-designed kits available to choose from. However, there are companies who offer complete bespoke design packages, although these will cost more. Find out more about Oak Garages when you visit Timberpride.

The overall cost will depend on the kind of design you have in mind. A popular choice is a basic carport which has at least one open wall. This design offers good protection for vehicles and includes the option for different covered bays inside for the secure storage of goods etc.

At the opposite end of the scale is constructing a two storey oak framed annexe with space for vehicles at ground level and maybe guest bedrooms above. This type of design might require planning permission, so be sure to find out before work begins. With the huge rise in working from home seen over the last couple of years, another popular option would be a garage with a home office over the top.

When choosing your requirements and a design that fits, remember to consider the flow across the property. You ideally need a design that blends in or matches the existing property when you construct outbuildings.

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Considering the space available is another important factor. What size should the outbuilding be? Even if there is ample space, overwhelming the main property is not ideal. You’ll need to consider the size of the vehicles that will be stored in the garage, as well as the maneuvering room in front of the property. A well-designed outbuilding will add considerable value but a cramped and ill thought out plan could have the opposite effect. You don’t need to have acres of land to achieve the oak framed garage you are looking for. Most specialists will have designs specifically for tighter spaces and smaller plots.

The wonderful thing about oak is that it can last for hundreds of years without needing any special type of treatment. For those who would prefer to retain the lovely honey colour of oak and not let it weather to a silvery shade can choose to treat annually with UV oils to prevent weathering.

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