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How to Design Your Toddler’s First Bedroom

Every child is special. You want to raise them in an environment that understands and values who they are. When you are designing your child’s room, take note of their likes and dislikes. Take note of their greatest fears and comforts. Since you are creating a space meant for them, invest in features that will grow along with them. There are three things you can add to your toddler’s room:

A decent sound system

Common advice for new parents is to play classical music around their children for their cognitive development. Select pieces from Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, and Chopin as lullabies. If you do not believe in the powers of classical music for cognitive development, it can still lend itself for emotional stress relief and general appreciation for music. You can play other instrumentals, instructional songs, and different kinds of audio depending on what you want your child to take away.

Your sound system can evolve from something meant for educational purposes to general enjoyment as your child grows up. As long as the system is well-maintained, it can be used well into their early teen years for their favorite artists and bands.

Quality vinyl floors

Having luxury vinyl flooring is an option for those who don’t have the time to clean. Just like any item in your room, it should be able to grow with them. While they are still a toddler, there are bound to be all kinds of messes. Saliva, the occasional vomit, and worse, can turn any carpet into a nightmare. Toys like building blocks and carts with rubber wheels can ruin the finish on hardwood floors.

Vinyl is the alternative that mimics that appeal of a wooden floor without the high maintenance. When your child grows up, the floors are in a generic enough style that can adapt to new furniture and wall colors. In case of damage, you can replace the one section with your extra panels without having to replace everything (unlike a carpet).

Lamps and nightlights

Keep the room well-lit, and this means lamps for bedtime stories and nightlights for sleep. A lamp might not be used very often when your child is a toddler. It could be exclusively used by you when you need light in their room, but not too much to wake them up. Making the lamp a staple in the place is for when they grow up, and they begin to stay up later than six pm.  It will be used more often as they develop a reading habit or receive homework from school.

A nightlight is an optional addition for children who are afraid of the dark. As much as you want them to grow out of their fear, do not disregard how they feel. A nightlight is a useful transitional tool. In a couple of months or years, they won’t be afraid of the dark anymore.

As you style their bedroom, be open to their suggestions and follow them within reason. Your child will be staying in that room more than you, and don’t forget that.


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