How to organize a room with too much stuff

How to organize a room with too much stuff? Step by step guideline

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Organizing a home in order to live well and in harmony, at times, can be a difficult task, especially if the time available to us is not much or if we tend to be a bit ‘clumsy and disorganized. In this article, we discuss how to organize a room with too much stuff. 

First of all, if our goal is to reorganize the whole house, the suggestion is to start with the room that causes us the most stress and that makes us feel more overwhelmed. Keep reading: How to make a room look bigger with flooring? 3 tips

How to organize a room with too much stuff

organize a room

We must recognize that you cannot organize an entire house in a single day, but you have to act in one area at a time. Let’s know how to organize a room with too much stuff.


How many times have we said to ourselves: “one day I will organize my home better” or “tidy up when I have more free time” it is true that we rarely find the words “one day” and “free time” on the calendar?

In reality, “organizing” is a lifestyle and a choice, so if you want to improve your daily life, your organization must be a priority to which you can dedicate time.

When I say spend time, what I want to say is that you need to set dates clearly. Make an appointment with ourselves and start working on the part of the house that you have chosen. We must weigh that we are investing in ourselves.

Many people fail to start a new business or project, which they really want to achieve because they are overwhelmed by too many things to do and say they can never have time, yet a good reorganization of the house would leave some free time to spend to give substance to our desires.

It is therefore essential to give some time, establish a pact between us and what we want to do to make our life better. We try, therefore, to resist the temptation to postpone the appointment for something more fun, because, the faster we can achieve our goal, the longer we will have for ourselves and for the people we love.

Another thing to keep in mind, when planning time with ourselves, to better organize our domestic space, is that the process of the organization generally takes a longer time than is estimated. If we think that your project can be done in two hours and better plan four.

If we think that for our project it takes eight hours, I advise you to foresee sixteen and divide the various operations into smaller parts that will take place over a period of time that we will establish.

The organization is a process, during this process, there will be many decisions to make, some will be simple and fast, while others will be more demanding and will require more time. We must however make sure that we have enough time to complete our project.

There are a few rules to follow to determine the amount of time required for any organization project

. Multiply by 2 the amount of time that you think will take us to complete our project.

. If we are experiencing a difficult time or we struggle to make decisions, multiply by 3 the amount of time we think it will take to complete the project.


organize a room

That is to equip yourself with everything you need to reorganize the space. They often object that we already have in the house:

. A garbage can (big is better) and / or garbage bags of different sizes.

. Various boxes, bags for paper garbage or plastic containers in various sizes, to sort things, including what we will give to charity, to recycling and items that need to be moved to other rooms. (If you do not have empty boxes you can ask your grocery store to save boxes for us.)

. A container for paper.

.. A pen or pencil to write on the labels.

.. Adhesive sheets or labels of different sizes for labeling.

.. Paper to take notes

.. Packing tape

.. Something to drink (for moments of pause!)

.. Comfortable clothing, and that you can get dirty, to wear.


organize a room

It is very important to identify an area in our house, near the area that is being organized, where you can distribute the objects to be rearranged both to not trip over while you work, and to have a more general view of what you have and of what is being reordered. Here are some examples of temporary space:

Kitchen: Use the dining table, or use folding tables (if you have them). You could also use the floor, but it is advisable to spread a sheet or sheets of paper first.

Wardrobe: Use the bed, the floor, or the hallway outside the bedroom. If you use the floor, it is advisable to first spread a sheet or sheets of paper.

Study: Use other rooms nearby or even the corridor.

Garage: Donations and waste: Let’s make sure you have bins, sacks or boxes for collecting at your fingertips and as many for the things to give to charity.


organize a room

Finally, the moment of selection has arrived, the step that will make us feel that we have finally started organizing our things. This is one of the most important steps in the process. We need to know what we have in order to organize everything.

Sorting and the next two steps, deleting and grouping objects, are actions that can be done at the same time, but it is important that each of the three steps is performed.

Starting the selection process can be one of the most difficult parts of the reorganization, because it is always difficult to know where to start. The sorting process must be as painless as possible, then:

There is no right or wrong way to start, just choose a room and start.

It is more important to put your hands on everything in the area that you are organizing more than where you start.

If the room you are organizing is full of things, almost to bursting, it is very important to establish the temporary management space so that when you start, you can marry more things from the room you are working in, thus having more space of maneuver.

Sometimes just start at the door and start from the nearest things and start deciding on the “destiny”.

“Decision” is the keyword; often those who are more disordered tend to have little decision-making ability.  It is necessary to decide whether we intend to keep, donate, sell or throw away everything we have because “Disorder is the fruit of postponed decisions”. It is important to remember this as we sort things out and for everything to quickly decide on what should be held, donated, sold or thrown away. If it is to be thrown away it is best to put it in the trash immediately, before you start collecting the next object. If the object is to be donated, put it in the bag or in the box used for the donation.

Re-ordering in this way definitely shortens the time and it is easier to resist the temptation to waste time looking at too many objects at the same time, without making any decision.


organize a room

When you want to make room at home eliminate is an important part of the organization process. There is no need to keep everything you own, if you keep everything short our house will be too full and the disorder will start to get the upper hand.

There are several good rules to keep in mind and determination is needed to decide what to keep and what to let go:

We must honor and love the things we keep in our home. If they are buried in a closet or in a garage box, we can say we have them, but they certainly do not give us joy. We think about this while you are rearranging.

If you have not won a piece of clothing in a year, chances are we’ll never do it, so it’s time to let it go. An exception could be if that piece of clothing is used on special occasions and is worn only once or twice a year, but make sure that they are not out-of-fashion items and for which it is time to let them go.

If you have not used an item in a year, we probably do not need it much. Of course, there are some things that will be used only on an annual basis, and therefore must be preserved, provided that there is still space to do so.

If you cannot see something, it’s likely that we actually do not even know you have it. We think about this if in order, we realize we have objects that are discovered for the first time in a long time. How long have we lived without them and our life went well anyway?

We must be aware that our time is precious and must be spent for the realization of our life while we are here on earth.

We need to be realistic about the projects we are planning to complete on a distant and indefinite day. DIY work, fabric to make clothes, photos to put in albums, things that need to be repaired magazines that you think one day to read, recipes that you intend to do, and so on … Do we need all this? Do we have enough time to relate what we had set ourselves long ago?

There are only 24 hours in a day, and after subtracting time to sleep, eat, work and spend time with the family (not necessarily in this order), there is not much else left.

Although this may seem obvious, straining our mind and heart with frustrating thinking (which is amplified in us every time our gaze falls on our sketchy projects,) of failing to do what we have set ourselves is in definitive only a useless effort.

It is hard to let go, but we will not miss these projects because they are one less thing to do for us.

Tips on how to organize a room with too much stuff

organize a room

If you have difficulty deciding on what to do with an item, item of clothing, etc., you can put everything in a box. When the box is full it must be closed with adhesive tape, so that it is difficult to open it. CI will stick on a label with the date of packing and the date of three months later and the word “discard or donate”. When the fixed date is reached, if you never open the box looking for something, then it’s time to let go of its contents. If after resisting three months to the temptation to open the box, you find yourself back to the starting point, or with the doubt if the contents of the box may need a day it is better to put the box in the car, and the next time you are around leaving it in the recycle shop.

It is guaranteed that the contents of those boxes will not fail us and that after a short time we will no longer remember what they let themselves go!

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organize a room

While reordering, we will also find many items that you want to keep. They must be placed in groups of similar objects. In this way the next two steps, buy and place, will be easier.

Grouping the elements together allows you to set the number of categories of things for which you will find the most suitable space within our home.

This step is important to know how many items you have in each category. In this way you can make the best use of our space and be sure to have enough space for everything.

Some examples of categories for the different rooms of:

Kitchen: pots and pans, baking dishes, small appliances, everyday dishes, glassware, cutlery, dishes for important occasions, canned goods, storage containers, etc.

Wardrobe: shoes, trousers, skirts, dresses, suits, T-shirts, sportswear, shirts, sweaters, jackets, gloves, scarves, hats, belts, bags, etc.

Study: Computer equipment, stationery, books, filing system, magazines, ornaments and souvenirs.

Garage: work equipment, sports equipment, tools, extra food and paper products, camping equipment, holiday furniture, toys, car Yes, “car” is a category for the garage, as many people have filled the garage so you can no longer park the car.


organize a room

When you begin to outline the space at home for our things, you need to decide which purpose to allocate each space or each room.

To do this, let’s ask ourselves if every space or room works for what it currently holds. Sometimes it becomes necessary to use a different space. Try to think outside the box for a moment. We must not think about how we used the space of the past … we are working on a new solution for the future. Every time we buy something new, we have to make a deal with ourselves, that is: that one or two things we no longer use will leave our home.

Once you decide on the general position for the items we ordered and grouped into categories, it’s time to take a good look at what’s left. This will allow us to determine how space will be used and what kind of containers or furnishing elements can be useful to complete our reorganization project.

Now is the time to start making a list of the products needed to organize and store what you are holding?

Here are some things to keep in mind before making purchases:

Measure the space to reorganize and take measurements with us when going shopping.

If necessary, draw a room design on a piece of paper and write the dimensions, so that you can show it to those who help us in the store.

If you are looking for drawer organizers, measure each drawer individually and make a short list of what will be kept in each drawer. This will allow you to choose the type of organizer that best meets our needs.

If you are organizing the garage and have tools to hang you can buy shelves or furniture if we cannot use drill and screwdriver. A good reorganization plan always tends to start from the instrumentation already in an outlaw.

The most important thing, before buying anything, is to have done a good analysis of the space available and the amount of things to store. This will save us a lot of time and money thanks to the ability to buy what we really need and buy everything at once, so you do not have to make several trips to various stores to buy things you forgot (because they were not written in the list) or to change things that do not fit the space (because we did not have the measurements).


organize a room

For many people, shopping is the funniest of the 10 steps, and often, however, taken by enthusiasm, you make purchases (many times wrong) even before you start and get clear ideas. Therefore it is very important to follow the ten-step sequence.

The market offers thousands of solutions to organize the space that can serve, practically, for every need. If you cannot find the most suitable type of product in stores you can find, typing a few keywords in an Internet search engine, even in online stores.


The penultimate step is to have all the products for the organization we have purchased inside the house. It will be easy to store the objects divided by category into the elements in containers and then place the containers in the area where they will be stored. Or it will take a little more time if you choose to mount a shelf or a wardrobe. The most important thing is that everything that is cataloged, and also what you are holding before making a final decision, find the right space inside the house. Naturally always in a rational and aesthetically valid way.


organize a room

Maintenance is the most important part of any organization project. Maintenance is something that must be done regularly; it could be a daily, weekly, biweekly or monthly commitment, we will establish it. We must be the judges of all this.

Organizing maintenance is no different than starting a diet. Care should be taken when suspending it, so as not to take weight again.

We must work on it every day because if you do not keep the system regularly, over time this system breaks down, and soon you find yourself at the point where you started. Here are some examples of maintenance:

Last minute suggestions:

It is advisable to set up more than one box for items to donate according to their destination rather than to put everything in a box that I would divide later.

When you tidy up and make a drawer, shelf or cabinet at a time and make sure to complete the entire drawer, shelf or closet before moving on to the next area. You might also like:

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