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Creating the Perfect Playroom

A playroom is the perfect place for kids to play and let their imaginations be free, without being in the rooms of the house that may be more dangerous or not suitable. You may not want, or have room to build a whole new extension to your home to accommodate it but you could convert your garage which with some paint and a bit of a makeover such as new doors from this garage doors Swindon based supplier.

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A loft conversion is another great way to add a playroom to your home – out of the way of the main house but a safe place to play within the home for children, and somewhere where larger toys and games can be stored. Once you have the room ready, here are a few ideas for a bit of inspiration.

Flooring should be durable, so a carpet like the sort used in schools, or wipe clean lino is another good flooring option. Adding playmats is a good idea as they can be easily cleaned when they need it!

A little den or tent area will create a cosy space to sit and read a book or play cowboys – however they want to use it! Children love dens and tents, and it is also a great place for friends to play when they come over.

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Dressing up boxes are a great way to encourage creative play – you don’t have to shell out a fortune on ready made dressing up costumes either – raid charity shops and use old curtains or your old clothes – you will be surprised what they can create!

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