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Why You Should Consider Using A Carpet Protectant

Many homeowners are under the impression that the key to having a long lasting carpet is to apply a protectant to the surface. A carpet protectant is designed to act as a repellant to liquid and increase stain and soil resistance.

Applying protectant to carpet can have multiple benefits and anyone seeking carpet cleaning glendale az, can have this type of protection added to their carpeting for an affordable cost.

Anyone considering putting in new carpet or trying to preserve the carpet that already exists would do well to have a carpet protectant applied . Here’s why:

Reasons to Apply Carpet Protectant

Carpet Protectant

The main reason for adding a protectant is to make it easier to clean up spills and accidents. This surface protector adheres to the fibers and acts a protective barrier so liquids take longer to soak in and potentially create a lasting stain.

But it’s not just liquids either, dry substances such as dust and dirt are also prevented from getting deep down into the pile of the carpet and resting on top of the backing material, where it’s much tougher to remove such contaminants.

This is not to suggest that a carpet protectant is intended to act an an impenetrable shield to keep your carpet pristine and free of imperfections. You still need to practice routine maintenance in the form of vacuuming and deep cleaning.

Another useful benefit of carpet protectant is that your carpet can ward off common wear and tear through excessive levels of foot traffic. Stains aren’t just left behind after spills and messes, even typical daily wear can result in stains and discoloration.

Applying Carpet Protectant

Carpet Protectant

For homeowners with new carpets having been installed, a protectant has already been applied. In fact, most new carpets will come equipped with a protective barrier, meaning you won’t need to have another one added to the fibers for the first four or five years of ownership.

It’s only after that initial time period when you’ll need to consider having a protectant reapplied to your carpet after 18-24 months. That’s because it can wear off over time under routine foot traffic. Those areas that see a particularly excessive amount of wear and tear will likely have the protectant almost non-existent in a shorter period of time.

You may also need to reapply the protectant in these spots more often than the recommended 18-24 months in order to keep the carpet safe and sound.

Doing the Work

Many homeowners may attempt to apply a protectant to the carpet themselves but even with the many assorted protectants that are currently available, the smart choice is to leave this kind of work to a trained professional.

Not only will you feel assured that the job was done correctly and thoroughly, but you can safeguard your investment for the long term. So leave the work to those who know what they’re doing and all you need to do is practice good carpet maintenance as you would even if there was no protectant applied to the fibers at all.

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