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Tips and ideas for clearing negative energy from a house

Homes have an emotionality that is breathed in the air. When the energy is negative, space becomes tense and does not favor peace or optimism — tips to fill the house with good vibes. After a busy day, which distributes your hours between runs, tasks, and obligations, there is nothing better than to get home and relax freely, feeling the satisfaction of the duty fulfilled and surrendering to the container and warm embrace of the home. But it does not always happen as we wish. Get the ideas for clearing negative energy from a house.

More than once, the stress and daily violence that intoxicates the big cities burden the places we inhabit with a vibration that does not allow us to relax or have a good time. To renew the air and return the “nest” a good emotional, we share some secrets to clean the house of bad energies.

While we can not see the energy at a glance, we can certainly feel it since the energy of the home often reflects your internal emotional state. And although negative and positive energies will always exist, the key is to limit the amount of negative energy to lead a happier life.

clearing negative energy from a house

Techniques for clearing negative energy from a house

Encased in the daily load of routines and setbacks to solve, many times we do not realize that the environments of our house are loaded with negative energies, which become an ideal breeding ground to promote discussions and discomforts. Without a doubt, the best way to change this situation is to make an internal change, a deep reflection on our life, our relationships and what happens to us. But we can start with small gestures, such as reading some tips to cleanse negative energy in the home.

There are many ways to eliminate the bad wave of space and restore balance and harmony in your home. We share some:

Burn sage and other herbs

Burn sage and other herbs

Sage cleaning is one of the oldest and fastest ways to eliminate negative energy from your home. Burning sage in your private space, your home or your office is like taking an energy shower.

Experts on the subject speak of sage as the great ally to make a deep metaphysical cleansing, since sage smoke dries the ionic composition of the air and can have a direct effect on reducing our response to stress.

To do this, the first thing we need is a bunch of sage. It is best to start from the back of the room to clean and walk around the room covering the space as much as you can. Using a duster, you can move the smoke in the corners of the room to the ceiling.

Be sure to enter each room as you move from the back of the house to the front. Then, I moved the bundle of sage around the door and the frame. In the end, you have to leave the bundle of sage outside to allow it to burn completely. Ideally, suggest books on the subject, is to finish lighting incense resin or incense cones of copal and to make the same route throughout the house.

The same can be done with palo santo: you can maintain a clean environment of bad energy by burning palo santo just a few minutes a day.

Use protective glasses

Use protective glasses

Black tourmaline absorbs negative energy from people and things. The best way to use these protective glasses is to place a piece in every corner of a room. In doing so, we build a protective shield to prevent negative energy from entering that space. It also absorbs electromagnetic energy, so keeping it close to the Internet router, television, computer, and other devices protects us from harmful energy.

Also, black tourmaline relieves anxiety and depression, so, holding it in your hands, you can extract the negative energy from your own body.

It is important to clean these protective glasses once a week to make sure they stay powerful. To do this, they should be placed in a container with filtered water and put in the sun for at least 4 hours. We can also submerge them in the smoke of the sage lit.

Inside plants

Inside plants


Each plant has a particular energy that can become an effective means to attract positive energies or absorb all the bad energy circulating. They are goodnesses that add, in turn, to the ability of nature and green to promote peace in the home.

For example, the cactus serves to repel bad energies, so it is convenient to place them near windows, always on the outside. Also having a pot with mint can be very beneficial. Mint is a plant with many medicinal properties that we can use at any time. Having this plant at home not only guarantees us a good ally for health but also promotes positive vibrations in any environment. It is said that mint fights bad vibes and helps fight insomnia.

In turn, we can always put indoor plants in beautiful pots, which will add a touch of design, vitality, and joy to our house (you may be interested: Ideas for decorating gardens: corners of peace and pleasure ).

Music therapy

Music therapy

Very quiet spaces sometimes attract negative energy or invite an introspection that for some becomes lonely and difficult. That’s why it’s important to add pleasant sounds to the environment because they have a huge impact on the emotionality of that space. Music is a powerful method of cleaning energy for the home. You can try meditations, mantras or music that you like. With a good Bluetooth speaker, you can take beautiful songs throughout the house and all your activities.

Also, experts in energy issues and alternative therapies recommend walking through your home by playing a bell, a carillon or a bowl: they say it is a good way to prevent negativity from staying in your space.

It is always advisable to maintain a pleasant ambient sound, with a little soft music. Doctors and psychologists say that listening to relaxing music helps balance your mind and frighten away any negativity.

Take out negative energy from home

Take out negative energy from home

In feng shui, salt is used to eliminate bad energies and make it easier for chi-that is vital energy to flow. So a good option to clean the house of bad vibes is to mix between five and six tablespoons of sea salt in a bucket of water and clean the floor with this solution.

Then, they recommend pouring salt in the four corners of your rooms, letting them rest for 48 hours. According to experts, sea salt will absorb the negative energy of previous owners if you are moving, or the negative energy of people who are sick or going through a period of conflict. After 48 hours, vacuum or sweeten the salt and throw it away.

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