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Choosing the correct concrete for your home project

Renovating or building your dream home does not only come with an element of stress, but also a number of important decisions to be made. If you are considering the use of concrete as part of the build or renovation project, you should think about what kind of concrete that you will use for starters.

There are several types of concrete, so it’s important to know about each type before you make your purchase. The following are concrete types available:

Dried Ready Mix

This concrete is a mixture of dried cement and available for purchase in big bags. By adding water as directed on the bag, you can mix your concrete in no time at all. It is suitable for a variety of projects and is often a popular choice for minor work projects because it is easy to mix and apply.

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Ready Mix

This includes types of concrete mixed with water before buying. It is usually delivered and used immediately. A company will typically carry cement mixing equipment and pour into your desired location on delivery. It is good for projects of small and medium size.

Transit Mix

This involves premixed concrete trucks that carry concrete ready for use. This is great for projects that are very large and usually only involve a single concrete pour. It’s on the expensive side but good for foundations and areas that require large cement blocks. For your Concrete Gloucester needs, visit a site like

Dry Bulk Materials

This is the kind of concrete is usually used by those who have experience of mixing concrete and useful for large-scale building projects.

Patterned concrete

  1. Pre-Designed Etching Sheet

This type contains paintings of various designs throughout the concrete surfaces and is often used on walls. The patterns can be varied designs like something classic or more contemporary. The choice depends on how well it will go with the rest of the room or exterior design.

  1. Stamping Concrete

The type of concrete with a pattern is often called ‘stamped’ concrete and it is a popular choice for use on concrete floors, adding an element of fun to the decor of the room and is very affordable.

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  1. Sandblasting

This method consists of blasting minute particles of an abrasive substance like sand onto a surface of concrete to give it a more textured look and feel. You will need to use a sandblaster and wear a mask to prevent inhalation of the particles. It is a little expensive but looks very nice when the project is completed.

When choosing a concrete suitable for your project, you not only have to choose the right concrete for the project, but you should know what type of concrete is usually used in projects like yours. Also, it’s important to understand if the concrete can be mixed by yourself and how it should be applied or if you should have a professional do it, and how much concrete you need. There are various types of concrete for large projects, for example the laying of foundations, or small projects such as adding a decorative cement slab for a patio or pavement, for example. No matter what type of project you have, there is a concrete that will meet your needs.

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