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Choose the right office furniture for maximum comfort

When you sit in an office all day, there is a chance that you can develop a number of different problems with your health. While sitting down may not seem like the sort of task to cause you any trouble, it can cause all manner of ailments, many of them down to the way you sit and the furniture in your office. Follow these tips to ensure you stay as healthy and well as possible in the workplace.


One of the key problems people suffer from in an office environment is back pain. While this is partly due to the office furniture, much of it is related to posture. It can be very tempting to slouch down in your seat, particularly as the day wears on, but this can wreak havoc on your back. If your spine starts to curve in an unnatural manner, it can cause pain further up the back. This pain can then spread up into the neck and shoulders, having the potential to leave you in agony by the end of the working day. Sit up straight as much as possible and don’t cross your legs. Place your feet flat on the floor, rather than crossing your ankles. While this pose comes naturally to many people, particularly women, it also reduces the blood flow to the legs, causing discomfort, pins and needles, and even a dead leg after a while. Relax your shoulders and avoid hunching over your keyboard. If you find yourself leaning forward a lot, move the computer screen closer to you, rather than leaning at an unnatural angle.

Good furniture

Once you’ve got your posture sorted, you will probably find a big difference in your overall comfort across the day. That doesn’t mean you will automatically eliminate all pain though, particularly if you have an ill-adjusted chair. Look into changing your office chair to make sure it suits your needs properly. Ergonomic chairs are an ideal investment for staff who spend long days sat at their desks. Of course, there may be times when staff is in different rooms and environments, in which case a mixture of different chairs could be beneficial. For example, if there is a casual meeting area, brightly colored stools can help to reiterate the laid-back atmosphere and could be ideal for social areas. Similarly, if there is a conference room that doesn’t necessarily involve staff being sat down for long, a simple conference chair may be a better option. There doesn’t have to be a rule that all the chairs in the office match they can be different depending on the location they are within the office.

Extra benefits

It could be worthwhile for a company to offer occupational health and ensure that staff sees a chiropractor regularly. This can ensure they maintain good posture and are comfortable in the workplace. In turn, this may reduce the number of sick days staff members take. It can also make them feel more valued in the team, giving them further motivation to work harder. With people spending the majority of their time at work, it makes sense for them to be as comfortable as possible.

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