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How to Choose a Fence for your Property

Fencing is all that protects your home from the barbaric hordes outside world and picking the correct fencing can be a matter of life or death.

Well, perhaps we’re being a little dramatic here, but that aside, choosing the right fencing matters and can make your life a lot easier, home more attractive and reduce upkeep. So, how do you choose the best fencing for your property?


One of the most important considerations regarding fencing is the height. Generally, fencing comes in a variety of sizes between 3- 6 feet, though it is possible to get a higher or lower fence if required. Height is a personal choice, though if it ends up higher than 6 feet in the UK you will need planning permission for it.


The maintenance of a fence is also an important consideration. Timber fences are the most common and are usually treated in one of two ways. These fences are either dip treated or are pressure treated.

Dip treatment is a water based option and it is applied before the fence is built. It protects wood and prevents issues with rot and water damage and also transit. However, when the fence is raised it is important to treat it with the right sort of oil based option. This protects wood from water damage and should be ideally done yearly to prevent issues. This can be applied with a brush or even spary.

The alternative pressure treated wood has been treated so it doesn’t need yearly maintenance. The timber is treated in a vacuum condition and the preservatives are then pushed deep into the wood. This prevents issues for a prolonged period and means the fence won’t need regular care.

This maintenance is crucial if you want to ensure the longevity of the fence and of course, if you invest in a fence, you’ll want it to last.


The style of fence is also very important and there are so many available. The traditional overlap fence is very important, though more decorative versions have also come to the fore. Some require deep holes for foundations and post hole borer hire will most likely be needed, as will professional help in some cases.

You need to take the amount of maintenance into account here, as well as the rest of the home. Some homes suit intricate designs, while others are not so suitable for this style. Also consider your garden needs. Perhaps you want to grow plants and vines on the fence – not all styles will fit this need.

Fortunately, there are so many options that it can be hard for you to choose, but at least you know the sort of fence you want is out there.

So, do your research and take your time and you’ll find the best fence for your specific needs.

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