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Deciding on the perfect pet for your family

There are many considerations to take into account before deciding to go out and purchase a new pet for your family. Does your home have a garden, or is there access to common land or a park, close to your house?  If you are lucky enough to have some green space then maybe a dog, unsurprisingly the most popular pet, could be for you. If you don’t have a garden or any outdoor space, then how about the second most popular pet?  With approximately eight million cats in the UK, there are estimated to be about five million households owning one or more of these cute, cuddly, creatures. Keep your loyal family member safely confined in your garden with a sturdy new wooden fence Gloucester supplied by a company like Greenfields.

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Maybe a slightly smaller animal would make a good pet for you and your family?  Rabbits are the third most popular creature we Brits love to keep as a furry friend. A Large wooden hutch secured outdoors is probably the best and safest location for your rabbit. Not a cuddly, furry, fluffy animal lover then how about a talking parrot, or a tiny budgie, that you could keep in a cage in your main room.

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Popular pets’ numbers five and six are Guinea pigs and hamsters, living between four to eight years, the guinea pig is very popular with UK families. There are approximately twenty-four different species of hamsters to choose from so these little rascally rodents could be an easy choice to make as your perfect pet.

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