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How to Help the Environment from your Own Back Garden This Spring

With spring just around the corner, those of us that enjoy getting out in the garden are starting to experience the busiest time of the year for gardeners. Planning what you are going to plant and how you will improve your garden is a really exciting part of the process at this time of the year.

A garden is a great place to spend time enjoying nature, and at this time of the year, it is also a good idea to think about how we can help the planet from our own gardens. There are lots of things that you can do to help the environment – here are just three ideas to consider this spring…

Provide Homes – Wildlife needs a place to live, rest, shelter and rear their young. At this time of the year nature is busy as everything gets started once again and the world appears to come back to life. Birds are a good example of a creature that will start to look for a place to build a nest and rear their young at this time of the year. Put up nesting boxes in trees or on the sides of buildings – places that are safely tucked away and not accessible to predators often found in gardens, like foxes and cats.

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Recycle – We all know that recycling is important to be able to help reduce the problem of climate change – companies like this polystyrene recycling company https://www.printwaste.co.uk/business-recycling-solutions/specific-product-recycling/polystyrene-recycling/ can take away and recycle a lot of waste, including polystyrene, but you can also use many things in the garden. For example, used cartons such as milk cartons are fantastic for growing plants in a greenhouse, which also will save you money on buying pots! You can also use water bottles to make a watering can, and old pallets to create raised beds.

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Feed the Wildlife – Something else that you can do for wildlife all year around is to provide food. As well as feeding birds on a bird table, why not create a wildflower area. Wildflowers and grasses that are left to grow long can provide food and shelter for many creatures. Many bees and species of butterfly rely on flowers and plants for food, and also creatures like slow worms also use areas like this as shelter.

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