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The best ideas to save space in the bedroom

Sometimes it may seem that not all the cupboards in your house can even support a single bedroom, but you can easily rearrange everything to create less clutter. Here are some ideas and tips.

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Use the space under and above the bed

Use the space under the bed.

  • Store extra blankets or pillows for guests in drawers, low chests or solid boxes that can be slipped under your bed.
  • A chest or drawer with wheels and handles or loops is particularly easy to get in and out. This works best with a bed with a higher base.

No space under the bed? Instead, hang shelves above it.

  • To store important but not particularly attractive objects on open shelves, use a set of decorative boxes to hide them.

If you have a bedroom with a high ceiling, consider installing a platform for the bed to turn it into a loft-style bed.

  • You will have plenty of extra storage space underneath this one.
  • In this case, you should use a chest of drawers, a chest or a set of shelves covered by cabinet doors.

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Maximize your wardrobe

  • Do not overload hangers, shelves and drawers; the clothes must be easy to remove and restore.
  • Select multi-arm hangers for a small closet.
  • Keep accessories such as scarves, ties, belts, socks, and gloves in the drawers. Hang the handbags and ties on hooks on the inside of your closet door.
  • Use drawer storage boxes to keep objects organized and accessible.
  • When storing your seasonal clothing, dust off your shelves. Mites are bad for tissues and people who are allergic to it and dust can make the clothes look dirty.
  • Give the clothes that do not make you any more, especially if they are old-fashioned.
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Advantages of cabinets

When it is time to store and organize, the shelves and cabinets make your life easier. But a shelf does not necessarily fit everyone:

  • You can use open decorative shelves as extra storage space and separate the bedroom.
  • Opt for a wardrobe with a glass door if you are not fond of the feather duster. Open shelves should be cleaned regularly.
  • When buying shelves, make sure they can withstand the weight of what you plan to store. Light shelves can deform or even break under heavy loads.
  • Turn an alcove into a closet by installing a rope to hang clothes. The space between the rope for the clothes and the back wall must be the width of a half-hanger. If there is no bedroom for a door, install a blind or a curtain.
  • Create extra storage space under a sloping roof or staircase by adding a mobile wardrobe on wheels or install a custom cabinet door.
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The beloved trunk

Shelves and glass cabinets are not suitable for all bedroom. Sometimes a buffet or chest is the option to choose from:

  • You can use an old safe without partitions to accommodate large clothes or toys for children.
  • Drawers of different depths can be useful. Store underwear in shallow drawers and sweaters in the deepest ones, for example.
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Buying Guide for Dressers

Consider these items when you want to buy a new dresser:

  • Make sure the drawers slide gently.
  • When storing clothes in a drawer, leave about 2.5 cm (one inch) between the top edge and the contents, so the drawers can be opened and closed gently.
  • Arrange the chest of drawers to have enough space for easy storage and removal of items.

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