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 Best home tech devices for you

The digital age is upon us with a plethora of gadgets and gizmos that, on the whole, make our lives a lot easier! With such a wide array of options available on the market and some of the tech industry’s biggest companies vying for your hard-earned cash, it pays to do some research into those that you should simply not be without in your home. Let’s take a look at the biggest home tech devices available!

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Smart speakers and assistants

In previous years, a simple Bluetooth speaker was seen as a major development, however, the most tech-savvy homes want more from their sound systems. With the ability to play digital radio, music streaming services, audiobooks and podcasts via voice command, these speakers have become hugely popular in homes all over the world.

With the added bonus of being able to be your personal assistant for things such as your shopping lists, reminders, timers, recipes, songs, jokes and trivia, these bad boys really have started to become a must-have gadget. Amazon, Sonos, Apple and Google all feature in tech reviews sites with varying features and benefits. Particularly handy in the kitchen when hands are busy preparing meals or doing the washing up, you didn’t realise how much you needed one until you try it!

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Smart utility products

These products have also seen a huge spike in popularity in recent times with major utility providers such as British Gas (Hive) and light bulb manufacturers such as Philips (Hue) getting in on the action. With the ability to link these products to smartphones and smart speakers, users can have total control of heating, lighting and electrical peripheries via their smartphone or voice. If you’re abroad or back home in Gloucester or the surrounding areas then a Boiler Installation Gloucestershire company could come in and help get you warm located through sites like

Home security

Products such as the Ring doorbell and Amazon Cloud Cam offer a huge advancement from those old fuzzy CCTV cameras. Customers can view live pictures of their home to check on delivery drivers, welcome and unwelcome visitors or even just to see if the sun is still shining on your garden on your way home via your smartphone.

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