Interior ideas of a small bathroom decoration

Amazing interior ideas of a small bathroom decoration

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Bathroom of small sizes is not so rare. Many owners are faced with the question of how to make this room as conveniently, more functionally and attractively. In this article, we share amazing interior ideas for small bathroom decoration. 

Ideas and recommendations for small bathroom decoration

  • Recommendations for increasing the space in the bathroom
  • Visual increase in space in the bathroom
  • Installing the washing machine
  • Recommendations for the selection of shower cabins 

Consider several design ideas that will help not only to visually expand the space but also to accommodate in the small room of the bathroom as many items necessary for personal hygiene. Related: Recommendations for cleaning the kitchen sink

Small bathroom decoration


Bathroom – exactly the place where the arrangement of housing begins. There are several reasons for this: the first – with a small cleaning, you may need to redesign the walls, and their rearrangement will result in a lot of dust and noise. Second – the installation of new plumbing needs to be checked, and in case of improper connection, an influx is possible, which is undesirable when expensive repairs have already been made throughout the apartment.

Stylish interior of a small bathroom, where mirrors are your assistant

To avoid further reflection, where to determine the right washing machine or one more locker, at the initial stage of repair a list is drawn up, which indicates all the furniture and plumbing that the owners want to see in the bathroom. When the wishes of all living in the apartment are painted on paper, we begin to measure our desires with opportunities, namely – the area of the room with the desired “filling”.

Luxurious design of a small bathroomLuxury decoration of small bathroom

Interesting. To make it easier to accommodate everything you want, you can use special simulation programs. They can be found on special sites created by plumbing manufacturers or vendors who often use such helper programs. As a rule, all the sizes of furniture are already included in such programs, and the buyer has to choose for himself the appropriate version of the situation.

In cases with small bathrooms, it is very difficult to accommodate all household items and at the same time leave space for passage. But you can still cope with the task, using one of the following tips:

Increase the area by combining the bathroom and toilet in one space. This option is suitable when the bathrooms are separate. But there is a catch. The idea may not work if the wall between the bathrooms is a carrier and cannot be touched. Do not forget about the permission from your country development authority. Keep continue

Compact placement of elements

Well helps to increase the space of modern plumbing, which is manufactured in smaller sizes for standards. Miniature washbasins, bathrooms, and toilets are no less convenient, and even spaces will take less. And such plumbing, like a hinged toilet or bidet, will help to free up another 30 cm of such a necessary area.

Small washbasin in the bathroom


To put everything you want can help and combined furniture. Places above and under the sink occupy various bedside tables, shelves, towel dryers. Place above the toilet can also be occupied, for example, by a boiler or shelves.

Shelves on either side of the bathtub

A large role in the increase in the area can play and corner furniture. The toilet bowl, which is usually located in the middle of the wall, will look good in the corner. Also, corner washing machines, baths, corner booths, sinks, various shelves will not spoil a pleasant impression if they move to the corner from their usual places.


A big role in the design of the modern small bathroom can also be played by a visual increase in space, which will hide its small dimensions and give more coziness. To achieve this effect, you can use:

A combination of mosaic and tile: will give the effect of zoning and a visual increase in space. The zone where the shower or bathtub is located will look good if you decorate it with tiles, but space, where the washbasin, toilet bowl, and various shelves are located, is mosaic. The main thing when choosing finishing materials is to avoid dark shades. An unobtrusive frieze in light colors is best suited for Khrushchev’s small-sized bathrooms.

Combination of tiles and mosaics

Visually stretch the room will help to finish material with horizontal lines, and in case you want to increase the height, use vertical drawings.

The supply of light in the room plays an important role in its interior. Point lighting always makes the room visually larger, while one lamp, illuminated not all objects evenly, space trims. When selecting luminaires, special attention should be paid to their ability to work in high humidity.


Large mirrors always give the room more space. A good solution will be two mirrors installed in the corners, while you can choose them in different sizes, which will also be a highlight.


Washing machine in the bathroom takes up a lot of space. A good option is to install it in the kitchen. But still, if the decision was taken after the bathroom, then you can use several options:
In the case when the family is small, it is possible to purchase small-sized appliances – 46*45 cm for 3 kg of laundry weight.

Choosing a version with a flat washbasin and connecting it higher than usual, the unit will perfectly fit under it.

Place washing machine under the washbasin

The washing machine installed next to the washbasin and connected to it by one table-top will look harmonious, and the mirror placed on top will complement the design. Also, there is an option of installing a washing machine under the sink.

Next to the sink under the common table-top

In the case where even the above examples do not help to fit a washing machine into the small bathroom, you need to try to free up additional space for it. This can be done by replacing the bath (which occupies half of the space) on the shower, which is much more compact. The resulting additional space should be enough not only for the machine but also for the container, which will contain dirty laundry, as well as for various lockers.


The shower cabin will save considerable space in the bathroom. But which model is preferable to choose for a small room? The most compact model is a cubicle with doors that open inside. But such models have a minus for those people who are overweight.


A good option can serve as sliding doors or doors “accordion”, equipped with roller mechanisms.

Also, many owners of small bathrooms prefer to buy booths in separate parts. Doors, plumbing, and pallet can be selected individually for each room. So you can more accurately adjust the size and location.

With this selection, first of all, pay attention to the pallet itself. It depends on him the size of the future shower enclosure. The smallest in size is a pallet 70×70 cm. But, as a rule, it does not differ with special functionality. If there is a place for a 90×90 cm pallet, the owners will be able to provide themselves with a sauna, hydromassage, foot massage, programming of the temperature regime of water and other amenities.

Pallets can be not only different in material manufacture (wood, steel, plastic), but also in depth. And putting the shower on the pedestal, you can save space for communications.

When creating a design solution for a small bathroom, do not forget about the main rule: The more indoor furniture items, the more free space remains. You might also read:

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