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Affordable decoration ideas to make yourself

Have you just moved into a new home and need decoration ideas to make yourself? You want to refresh your current home, but do not know where to start? Here are tips to accomplish even with a small budget.

If you do not know where to start, but know that, you want to decoration ideas yourself, first evaluate your budget. Thus, the budget you have will allow you to determine the scope of the projects you can undertake.

Next, decide which room has priority. Try not to have the eyes bigger than the launch. You can start with the room where you spend most of your time, such as the kitchen, bedroom or living room. Here are some decoration ideas to make yourself and that fit all budgets.

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Repaint your walls

This is surely the easiest change – and often the one with the most impact – to bring to your home. Before going to the hardware store to choose the paint, measure the area to be covered to determine the amount of paint to be purchased. A shop assistant can help you do this.

If you cannot choose the color, take a few strips of color samples home and imagine them on your wall. You can also buy a small pot of custom color paint in sample format. Keep in mind that most paints darken slightly when dry. You may need more than one coat, so take into account when buying your paint. If your children are old enough to help you, it can also become a fun family project.

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Choosing new fabrics

Carpets, curtains, and cushions give warmth and a beautiful finish to a room. Use the fabrics to add a touch of color. There are hundreds of fabrics for home and finished products, available in different price ranges.

Do not be afraid to mix and match them. The textiles can be replaced easily: it is, therefore, ideal to try the new colors trend in interior decoration. If you have access to a sewing machine, it is even better! Use it to make curtains or new pillow covers for existing bedding.

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Add accent elements to your walls

The walls of your home are an ideal place to display your passions. This can include photos of your family, friends or travel, your children’s masterpieces or just pictures that inspire you.

Professional coaching can cost hundreds of dollars. You can, however, get a similar look with cheaper versions purchased in-store. Look for framing and hanging ideas in magazines or decorating websites. For example, family photos in frames of different sizes and styles look great in the stairwells. For a stronger impact, enlarge your favorite photo in poster format by a professional and hang it on an accent wall.

Showcases are deeper frames that can accommodate objects in three dimensions rather than a single image. Use displays to display personal memories like your child’s first shoes, a collection or medals.

With these decorating ideas, make your home a place where you truly feel at home. You may also like this site.

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