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A Trend is being set with grey Hardwood Floors

 Hardwood floors in varying shades of grey are definitely the hottest trend in room design right now. It may be because of the upsurge of interest in all things Scandinavian, especially the craze for “hygge” – that unpronounceable Danish word that means relaxed cosiness. The Scandinavians achieve this despite also having fairly minimalist decorating schemes.

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They carry this off by combining luxurious sofas and lots of cushions with quiet and tasteful backgrounds, and this is where grey hardwoods come into their own. They don’t dominate the room in the way that a dark floor can, and they are not impractical in the way that very pale carpets can be. Grey also goes very well with schemes that are mostly neutral but have splashes of colour.  If you want to haver a look at a great range of Wood Flooring then you could always go to businesses like who are very reasonable and provide a great quality product.

Say Goodbye to Taupe

Grey floors go less well with browns, and it’s no coincidence that just at the point where we have become sick of taupe, mocha and pale cappuccino paint colours on our walls, grey floors have massively increased in popularity. For people seeking to get away from the dreary neutrality of beige, deciding to go for a grey floor can be the first step in choosing a room scheme which looks fresh and modern.

Choosing Accent Colours to Complement the Floor

Solid wood flooring in this shade goes particularly well with monochrome schemes in which black, white, cream and differing shades of grey are used for the furnishings, with accent colours being added to create mood and interest.

Elle Décor, the style bible, has been celebrating this trend and has some great examples of grey hardwood floors used in eating areas, living rooms, studies and so on. They showcase hardwood floors that are not simply planks but also have herringbone patterns and other designs. The texture in the wood prevents the floor looking boring and adds to the “hygge” (yes, that word again) cosiness.

Elle Décor recommends mint green as an accessory colour and also illustrates how good a pink sofa or one dusky pink accent wall can look against a grey floor. The neutrality of the grey allows you to be more imaginative with the décor of the rest of the room. Pastels look particularly good, and this helps to give rooms a fresher feel, ready for spring and summer.

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