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7 Great Decoration Trends for the Fall

This season, decorate your home with the cool autumn crop theme with the following seven decoration trends.

1. Wreaths of flowers in autumn colors

Wreaths have always been a traditional setting around houses, but this year they are becoming a true statement of style.

  • This trend of home decoration for autumn incorporates natural elements of the season, such as dried leaves and acorns, adorned with daring accessories, such as metal ornaments and shiny stones.
  • These crowns are quite imposing and mark their style with confidence
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2. Neutral and clean accessories

Although the colors of autumn remain yellow and burnt orange, this year the colors tend to turn towards neutral colors.

  • Today’s decorators are increasingly interested in light tones of white, gray and light brown
  • The secret behind this trend is to keep all the colors within the same tone category and to avoid radical changes.

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3. Autumn color entries

Host your guests in a more joyful setting this season.

  • Accent your door with beautiful garlands of autumn leaves and crowns decorated with berries.
  • Whatever decor you choose for your door, hold the same theme throughout the home, in the living room and dining room.
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4. Natural accessories

Autumn is the season when nature shows itself in its best days. Continue this trend inside your home by introducing this natural theme into your living rooms.

  • Replace the flowers in your vases with clumps of twigs or willows and tie the bouquets with dried natural herbs.
  • Add pinecones to the table decoration and soak your candles in a layer of clear wax with dried herbs.
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5. Wooden equipment

Integrate the theme of fall into your home by including some wooden elements.

  • The idea behind this trend is to really display the natural knots and the rings of the wood, so I use only the natural.
  • Avoid at all costs any form of synthetic wood and prefer conifers for chairs or bedside tables.

6. Add a spicy note

Sometimes it may seem that all stores perfume their aisles with cinnamon or pumpkin.

  • However, if you do not like these spicy odors, you can add some bright color touches to your living room and kitchen.
  • Orange-red, carmine, light brown and yellow are choices to consider.
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7. Add a touch of turquoise blue

This trend to blue is a tradition of autumn unavoidable, but not a blue any, turquoise blue!

  • The good news is that summer catalogs are filled with turquoise-colored South-West decorations, so you might already have some blue accessories in your home.

The main idea is to promote the feeling of conviviality and decorate your spaces of entertainment with warm colors, so you should incorporate natural accessories and give your home a style brimming with vivacity.

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