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6 factors to choose the right sofa or armchair

Your couch has rendered you loyal services, but it is at the end of its life? Consider these 6 factors to choose the right sofa or armchair to make an informed choice when you next purchase.

1. The choice of materials

  • Modern armchairs and sofas consist of frames, springs or foam layers, and wadding. Choose oak or maple dried kiln dried instead of pine.
  • As a mattress, the seat of the armchairs and sofas will be more or less firm according to the choice of material. For the comfort of corpulent people, a firm foundation is necessary.
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2. The importance of the foundation

  • Choose seats made of helical springs, with tight straps and cushions with regular seams.
  • The height of the seat and backrest is also important. It is much easier to get up if the chair is high than if it is level with the ground.
  • There are armchairs equipped with a mechanical or electrical device, which allows adjusting the inclination and the height of the seat to help the user to stand up more easily.

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3. Durability and washability

  • Armchairs and sofas covered with a Teflon waterproof and stain-resistant coating will remain as new for many years.
  • Take advantage of buying an easy to clean leather model especially if you have kids who tend to spill anything they touch or an animal that loves to cuddle on the cushions!
  • The presence of insufficiently tensioned wires could indicate a sloppy job. Microfibers, leather and textured fabrics are generally durable materials.
sofa or armchair
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4. Caution with light colors

  • If you prefer a light color model, check if it is possible to remove the covers. You can then wash them by machine or bring them to the cleaner.
  • Otherwise, cover the piece of furniture with a cloth that you will remove and put away before the arrival of your guests.

5. Measurement of available space

  • You will not really know if the coveted couch is as good as, it will not be at home, but you can at least get an idea of the space it will occupy if, before deciding to buy it, you measure it and report the dimensions on the floor of the living room using newsprint.
sofa or armchair
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6. Always test the goods

  • Never buy a couch or an armchair without having tried it as you would at home – do not hesitate to lie down or even wallow in it. Finding the defects of a piece of furniture once it has been delivered to you can cost you very dear.
  • Do not forget that your armchairs and sofas will be strained for years. Therefore, it is better to make sure of their strength before you buy them.

Do not hesitate to ask questions, many questions before the purchase, as much on the furniture itself as on the policy of delivery, return, etc. If you do not like the answers, you receive, even if you have a favorite, maybe it would be better to abstain if not the honeymoon with your new couch or sofa could be short-lived.

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