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5 ways to turn your apartment into a cozy nest

It is sometimes difficult to feel at home in an apartment when the owner imposes his rights on you without letting your imagination run wild. Here are some ideas that will help you add a personal touch to your living space.

1. Customize colors and accessories

  • Create a gallery of photos, hang original paintings or expose significant personal items on open shelves to add color and elegance to the walls you cannot repaint.
  • You can also add color to a room by painting your furniture.
  • Add carpets to give color and texture, while masking carpet or parquet that you do not like.
  • Decorative cushions scattered on chairs, sofas, windowsills, beds and on the floor bring a note of color, softness and graphic design.
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2. Hanging curtains

You do not have to stick to the vertical blinds or mini-blinds often provided in the apartments.

  • The curtains do not just create an intimacy. They also let pierce patterns, color, and warmth into the room.
  • If you cannot find curtains of the color or size of your choice, you can easily create a customized version that fits your décor. Several models do not require sewing.
  • Hang curtains strategically to cover open storage spaces or to divide your living room into several separate spaces.
  • Create the illusion of larger windows and add color to the dull walls by hanging curtains all over the wall, not just on the window.



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3. Have a welcoming bathroom

  • Even if you do not like the color of the tiles, try to adapt them to your tastes by adding towels and accessories in complementary colors.
  • Use tape to hang a curtain around the piping of an open sink and hide the exposed plumbing.
  • Place baskets underneath for extra storage space.
  • Install furniture in the bathroom to make it more functional, but also more elegant.
  • Use a narrow table as storage space and a chair to store towels.

4. Creative Use of Shelves

The shelves are easy to customize and offer many possibilities in an apartment.

  • For example, you can add a makeshift locker at the entrance by removing the first shelves from a library to install hooks for coats, bags, and hats.
  • By placing baskets on the bottom shelves, you can store items such as gloves and sunglasses.
  • You could also place shelves on either side of the entrance and create an integrated look with moldings on top.
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5. Let the light enter

Hang mirrors to reflect light and make your space brighter and more inviting.

  • The best place to hang mirrors is on a wall in front of a window. Thus, you reflect the rays of the sun and the outdoor greenery, while giving the illusion of a second window.
  • Do not hesitate to use the lamps to add a touch of brightness in the darkest corners while softening the bright light of the ceiling light.

If your apartment is just one-step closer to your final goal, or if you are planning to settle in for a while, these decorating ideas can help you make it a place Warm and comfortable enough to call it “home”.

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