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Yard Maintenance Tips: Make Your Lawn Healthy While Helping The Environment

Yard maintenance and lawn care is costly to the environment. The U.S. National Wildlife Federation released some statistics a few years back. When I learned about these facts, it encouraged me to have good yard maintenance with an environment touch. Yards and lawns consumed much water. To conserve water, you may need to recycle rain water and water from other sources. Yard maintenance often requires the use of pesticides. These can kill earthworms and other insects that help the ecological balance. Gas lawn movers, weedeaters and leaf blowers emit more hydrocarbon emissions than the typical automobile. I want to help the environment in my own peculiar way, so I want to share some yard maintenance tips.

1. Water Your Yard Early in the Morning

I learned that watering when it is already daytime will cause water loss due to evaporation. The best thing is to water your yard early in the morning. You also need to watch that you are not overwatering your lawn. Overwatering can cause more damage than underwatering.

2. Engage in Grass-Cycling

This environmental technique is simply cutting off about one inch from the grass and just to leave it as it is. The clippings do the job of grasscycling. The clippings provide nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and water. This will also save hauling yard waste to the landfill area. This can be the easiest way to nurture your lawn.

3. Observe How the Weeds Grow

Certain weeds indicate the pH of the soil. Dandelions for instance, thrive at 7.5 pH and is the sign that sulphur must be added to lower the pH level. Clover may be a sign that the soil is lacking in nitrogen and may need fertilizer. You do not need to uproot those weeds right away. They may help you monitor the pH level of the soil where your lawn sits on.

4. Keep Pesticide Use to the Minimum

Use time released fertilizer. Slow release fertilizer use natural organic ingredients and can maximize the effectiveness of the ingredients. Fast release fertilizer can be washed away by rain and can actually pollute the soil. By using pesticides on a minimum you can help take care of the environment while having a beautiful and eye-catching lawn to show off to friends.

5. Use Next-Generation Reel Lawn Mowers

Instead of the old generation lawn mowers that use gas and cause pollution, reel lawn mowers are easy to use and do not pollute the environment. They are very ideal, like what happened in my own experience. There is also less maintenance to speak of. Next-generation reel lawn mowers are very ideal for low-cost yard maintenance.

6. Convert Your Lawn to A Low Maintenance, Drought Resistant Eco-Lawn

The conventional lawn seed was developed to be fast-growing because the purpose was feeding livestock. In contrast to this, eco-friendly lawn seed was designed to be drought resistant, requiring little mowing and no fertilizer to speak. This can be your ideal lawn for eco-friendly purposes. If you want to help the environment, it pays to start to change your whole lawn from the conventional type to the eco-friendly type that requires little maintenance. With little maintenance, you help the environment.

What may be the risks if you don’t take care of your yard? You will run the risk of overwatering and so waste a lot of water. You will engage in overuse of pesticides and herbicides. You will also contribute to higher levels of hydrocarbon emissions by using gas lawn mowers and other yard maintenance equipment. When I started making my lawn healthy, it was not only I who got such happiness and satisfaction. Mother earth was there to share the happiness with me.


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