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Wow Factor Windows for your home

We hear so many conflicting things about the best ways to clean windows that it can be tough to know where to start. Squeegees or cloths? Newspaper or sponge? Vinegar versus window cleaner – it’s enough to make us feel like not bothering! But now the summer is here, we spend a lot more time opening windows, looking out of windows and generally letting the light in, so it’s easier to see just how smeared they are!

Cleaning windows may seem like a chore but you’ll be amazed at how much extra light enters the room and you might think people don’t notice the state of your windows but they can tell a lot about how you feel about your property. Keeping your windows in tip top condition adds value to your property and definitely improves your kerb side appeal.   This is good news when it comes to contacting your Estate Agents Gloucester company at links including

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  1. Make sure you get rid of any dust. Tie back any curtains or blind that will hamper your efforts and dust around the whole window, corners and sills too.
  2. The first step is to wash your window with a sponge. A tiny dash of washing up liquid in warm water will suffice but the less suds the better.
  3. Take a clean squeegee and rub off the excess water. Begin at the top of the window and work downwards. After each stroke, wipe the squeegee on a towel or rag so you’re not transferring any dirt back onto the glass.
  4. A microfibre cloth is good to use next to soak up any remaining moisture. Remember to wipe the sill dry as well.
  5. If you often wonder why streaks always appear no matter how hard you try, it could be that you’re making the mistake of cleaning your windows on a sunny day. The heat from the sun dries the window too quickly, leaving streaks. Always clean your windows on a cloudy day, you might not see the dirt as clearly but you’ll get better, streak-free results!

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  1. Don’t want to spend a fortune on window cleaner or have no idea which one is best? Make your own, with a simple bucket of warm water and 2 tablespoons of vinegar.
  2. After cleaning, a good trick is to buff your windows with crumpled up newspaper. Rather surprisingly, the ink will make your windows extra sparkly!

Here is a tip when it comes to vinegar. Going all natural is great for the environment and a bit of vinegar on glass works wonders but don’t be tempted to use it on everything. As an acid, it can permanently dull the appearance of some materials like stone. Don’t use it on expensive surfaces made from limestone, marble or onyx as these are expensive to get refinished. Make sure you’re not using a hard, green-backed sponge on your windows as these are too abrasive and can easily scratch.

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