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Vintage bedroom ideas you will love

Do you like the Vintage style for your bedroom? Do you find it hard to find ideas for your room? Check this article where you will find many vintage bedroom ideas to decorate your bedroom as you always dreamed. Go ahead and make a change!

Before going with the photographs, I want to comment that many times women have problems with vintage bedrooms. Some share this common space with their partners. Many of them consider that this style is effeminate and they refuse outright to it.

For the above, I would like to make an important clarification: the Vintage is not the same as the Shabby Chic style. Many people confuse them. I suppose it is because both relate to old elements.

Vintage bedroom ideas

Vintage bedroom ideas

Vintage uses old elements from any era combined with more modern ones. It can mix elements and is open to all combinations. The colors can be clear, but you can take the whole color palette and choose the ones you like the most.

One of the characteristic elements of vintage is nostalgia. The space decorated with this style should take you to your childhood and some key elements make you feel as if you were in years past.

Has that happened to you in any house or place, even in a restaurant? If it has happened to you, you understand perfectly what I am trying to explain to you.

It is worth mentioning that the fact that furniture is used that remember a bygone era does not mean that it can not be linked correctly with modern elements. The grace of vintage is that it mixes perfectly and casually with modern elements, even with very avant-garde designs.

We will see below the photo gallery of vintage rooms. The photos are divided into matrimonial and individual rooms, and this separation is not necessarily by the type of bed, but rather by the decoration.

Vintage Matrimonial Rooms

Vintage Matrimonial Rooms

No doubt choosing a bedroom style in common with a man is not an easy task. Especially if you are a woman and a fan of the vintage style since you will have to incorporate elements that make your partner feel included and that you feel comfortable in this common space.

Let’s review some photographs of matrimonial rooms below. Look at every detail, since you can always get some interesting idea that you would like to replicate:

If you think the spaces I showed you before are still a little feminine, let’s look at vintage bedroom ideas with applications in wood. It is more rustic and it may be the middle point for you and your partner.

Personally, these last photographs give me the feeling of rooms in a cozy and familiar country house. What do you think of them?

Vintage Single Rooms

Vintage Single Rooms

This second part is entitled because it is dedicated to women. I think that no man would like to have a vintage room like the ones we will see now. We can also call it “juvenile vintage rooms” in the event that it is for a young girl.

Now, if you are a girl and you do not share a room with the opposite sex, or your case is that your partner is a girl, this is your gallery! Pure vintage femininity, let’s see:

A fantastic idea in the decoration of any space is to include mirrors on the walls. They give the feeling of spaciousness and visually generate more space. You do not need to go to a market to buy a vintage type, the large commercial houses include in their stock, the most varied mirrors in many styles and sizes.

Remember to include in your vintage decoration, baskets or trunks that resemble to be or certainly are from yesteryear. If you are lucky enough to have a seventies suitcase or some old item, wear it with pride in your decoration.

Without a doubt, what I like most is the wallpaper and cushions of different colors. The designs are always very well chosen.

Vintage bedroom with flowers and plants

Vintage bedroom with flowers and plants

Flowers and plants always give a special touch to your spaces, especially in vintage-style rooms. It would be ideal to find a bush that would make a perfect balance with the harmony of your home.

If you do not have the possibility of taking care of an interior garden, it is always good for the presence of the natural. Make sure you have a good vase with fresh flowers.

Have you noticed the different types of backing used in these decorations? Without a doubt, they are a luxury. In vintage-style rooms, most of the backs are large and stately, pastel colors that shine discreetly, not because of their color, but because of their shapes.

Did you notice the lamps?

There are some bedrooms with lamps, large and imposing some very modern and others with more old fashion style. I think it’s an element that you should pay attention to and take a note to replicate it in your bedroom.

Have you liked the vintage bedroom ideas? Do You Encourage A Room With This Style?

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