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Tips on House Marketing

In the current economic climate, the property sector is very much a buyer’s market. With little negotiation available on the price, property PR and marketing becomes even more crucial in attracting potential buyers, and in turning those people from interested browsers to purchasers.

There are a host of marketing techniques which can be easily utilised in order to give your property the best chance to sell.

Pictures are worth a thousand words

There are few industries in the world where images are more important, than in the property industry. When it comes to selling a property displaying multiple high quality photos is absolutely essential. Failure to display photos often means potential buyers simply ignore your listing. First impressions are crucial and buyers place a lot of faith in pictures to deliver that impression.

Avoid showing any cars or vehicles in your driveway, tidy up any gardens or vegetation you have across the property and be sure to take clear and bright pictures, maximizing visibility.

Outdoor space is an attractive trait for a property which should be showcased prominently. Emphasise the space on offer and shoot long wide angled images.

Indoors, be sure and take pictures of every room, emphasising period and unique features. Ensure the room is tidy, bright and airy and remove any mess or unsavoury items.

Virtual Tours

With the growth in online marketing and the emphasis on internet presence in searching for property, virtual tours can be a very effective marketing tool.

Giving potential buyers an immersive 360 degree viewing experience, they can explore every corner of your property online from anywhere. Provide the buyer with something different and display a virtual tour of your property.

Be Visible

Don’t underestimate the effect of passing trade. Make sure you display prominent and visible signs around the property drawing attention to it and promoting the fact it is for sale or rent. A great opportunity for free advertising – be sure to include clear contact details of the agent so potential suitors can get in touch readily.

Where to Advertise?

Try to stretch your reach as wide as possible when it comes to advertising your property listing. Newspaper ads are popular starting point so be sure to advertise in major and local newspapers. Research the best days for property readership and target local papers around the property area.

With the growth in online marketing particularly in regards to property selling you must advertise your property online. There is a raft of online sites which you can use to promote and advertising your property, most of which are free.

Host an Open House

A good way to attract a number of visitors in a short space of time is to host an open house. Buyers are invited to browse the house at their leisure. This gives sellers the chance to showcase their property to a wide range of people at the same time and can lead to competition between interested buyers. Advertise your open house extensively both on and offline ensuring that all interested parties are aware of the times.

The above is just a sample of potential marketing tips and techniques available to you to give you the best chance to sell your property quickly and for a high price.

Ross Moffat writes on a number of topics covering Property PR and Marketing, and has been a freelance writer for the past two years, working with PR Consultancy Beattie Communications.

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