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Tips on creating a Theme for a child’s bedroom

When choosing a theme for your child’s bedroom, it’s easy to imagine that every girl would like a princess themed bedroom, whilst boys would want a sports themed room. And whilst there is nothing wrong with either of these ideas, if your child is less than mainstream, it is perhaps wise to choose a theme which will grow with your child and stand the test of time.

Here are some practical tips on creating a themed bedroom:

Choose a theme which will suit everyone

Choose a theme which will go hand in hand with your child’s personality and aspirations. It’s important to include your child in the conversation and to get them involved if possible. However, if you child is very young it is better to present them with a few ideas, rather than asking them directly what they would like. With some planning, it is possible to create a theme which will suit both the child and parent(s).

Keep it simple

Opt for a neutral colour, such as white, beige or cream when painting the walls. This will save you both time and money in the long haul. Introduce accessories and colourful lampshades which will fit in with your child’s theme. You don’t need to spend a fortune on these fixtures. Charity shops and second-hand market stalls sell good, cost-effective accessories perfect for decorating a child’s bedroom. When thinking about bedding, ask your child to select a thematic colour or pattern; rather than selecting a specific character, such as Spiderman or Cinderella.  Opt for mini-blinds for the windows and add some decorative themed curtains.

Select good Furniture

One of the most important and sound investments any parent can make is buying good furniture which will stand the test of time. Although a racing car bed can look desirable for a themed bedroom, it’s not always the best purchase to make. Select pieces of furniture which are versatile, and can be used again if your child grows out of them. If your child is set on a particular theme, choose other less expensive pieces such as beanbags, mini rugs and themed canopy bed curtains. As long as your child feels they are having something which resembles their favourite character or theme, they will be more than happy to compromise on the other important elements of their bedroom.

Use Wall art to add creativity

Wall art, such as Wall decals for bedrooms are one of the best ways to create a themed bedroom without the hassle or expense. Once you have painted your walls, choose a series of Wall stickers to enhance your child’s chosen theme. Wall stickers are also very versatile, and can be placed on walls, windows, mirrors, doors, bedsteads, and wardrobes. They are also easily removable, so when your child decides they prefer horses to rabbits, you can easily replace them within a matter of minutes. You can purchase wall stickers from online stores such as Wallart2u

TIP: Try to keep your child involved as much as possible.  Remember, the more your child gets involved, the more likely it is they’ll appreciate their bedrooms.

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