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Take Your Time When Choosing a Sofa

It isn’t easy to rustle up enthusiasm when it comes to purchasing a sofa. We tend to take discounted modern sofas for granted and seldom bother to take any length of time to come to a purchasing decision. While it is easy to tell the difference between a high quality sports car and a family saloon at a glance, such judgement is more difficult when it comes to the humble sofa. Show the average person a £10,000 boutique model and a low-cost version from Fab Sofas and they will hardly be able to distinguish between them. Quite frankly, there isn’t much of a difference barring the odd designer intricacy and besides, you should be paying for comfort.

Worth the Investment?

There are those who suggest that a great piece of furniture should last forever and scoff at the notion of purchasing discounted modern sofas. Designers who craft pieces that cost thousands of pounds suggest that high-end models are worth the cost because of the intelligence of the design and the quality of the material. They may have a point since very cheap sofas can fall apart at the seams but now that companies such as Fab Sofas can source the best products for a low cost and pass such savings on to the customer, is an uber-expensive sofa really necessary?

It is a rare day when people fighting over an inheritance insist on owning the sofa! Add in the fact that sofas take a lot of abuse and it’s hard to justify spending thousands of pounds on one. The average family sofa will be forced to absorb spills, collect pet hair and act as an occasional bed so they must be durable for sure but expensive?

If you were to spend £5,000 on a sofa, how do you know it is worth it? According to experienced interior designers, you are paying for down cushions and feathers instead of foam. Yet even those who defend expensive sofas admit that it makes little sense to pay more than a mid-range price (£1,000 or thereabouts) as such pieces are only marginally lower in quality than sofas 10 times the price.

Testing a Sofa

Whether you decide to choose an item from Fab Sofas or else you have cash to burn and wish to spend a five-figure sum on a designer piece, testing your purchase is essential. One of the biggest mistakes people make in a showroom is to sit on the sofa for 20 seconds and declare it to be good enough. Let’s face it; you wouldn’t buy a car that fast so why cut corners when choosing discounted modern sofas?

Don’t be afraid to sit on any given sofa for a few minutes. It may feel good in the first 60 seconds but less so after 3 minutes. Bear in mind that you will probably be spending more than an hour at a time in your sofa at home. Find out the materials used in its construction and never let a salesperson pressurise you. When looking for a suitable sofa, be critical, take your time and you won’t regret your decision.

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