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Boiler Care in Summer

Fingers crossed, we don’t need our central heating during the summer months. The heating goes on and we just need access to hot water. This makes it the perfect time to service your boiler, drain the system to clean it or even install new radiators. Here are some helpful hints for looking after your boiler […]

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How to use expoxy floor paint in your garage

A coat of epoxy paint could be just the thing to give the concrete floor of your garage a long-lasting and glamorous finish of tough resin that will make your garage more a part of your home and less an area where old spanners go to die. Epoxy paint comes in a range of vivid […]

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Cause I ain’t sipping if it ain’t Cristal

At one point in the nineties and noughties you were only allowed to be an urban or hip-hop star if you made mention explicitly of the fact that you drank and bought copious amounts of Cristal Champagne. If you were a lady urban act then, as Mis-Teeq so eloquently put it in the title above, […]

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4 common radiator problems to know

Although modern builds are taking advantage of efficient heat sources like underfloor heating, most of us still rely on radiators to heat our homes. They can, however, be problematic and here are some common problems we face with these traditional heat sources. Image Credit Location Radiators take up a lot of space and are usually […]

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Blinds Vs Curtains

If you’re looking to brighten up dull windows or feel like changing your décor, then you need to decide on the right window dressing for each room of your home. There are benefits and drawbacks to different window coverings, so you must choose carefully to ensure you get exactly what you’re seeking in terms of […]

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How to choose the right shower enclosure

It might seem easy to overlook the shower enclosure when it comes to redesigning your bathroom, but in fact, the look and feel of your shower will have a huge impact on how the rest of the room looks. Beyond the function of making the space dual purpose – it makes it much easier to […]

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Maintaining UPVC in winter

Many people fit UPVC windows, doors and frames because they offer easy upkeep, attractive looks and great functionality. However, when the weather turns cold and rainy, it can be harder to keep them looking good. Read on for ways to maintain your UPVC in winter. Image Credit Severe weather conditions can make it difficult to […]