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The Modern Ceiling Rose: How Did We Get Here?

Traditionally used in the middle of the ceiling, roses provide an attractive decoration and a neat way to hide the wiring for a centre light. Commonly an afterthought when considering room decoration, a modern ceiling rose can be a key feature, bringing out a room’s feel and tying together decorative accents. Image Credit What Are […]

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Vintage bedroom ideas you will love

Do you like the Vintage style for your bedroom? Do you find it hard to find ideas for your room? Check this article where you will find many vintage bedroom ideas to decorate your bedroom as you always dreamed. Go ahead and make a change!

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How to clean a bowl of our loving pets

When you have four-legged friends at home, you know, all the spaces are theirs. But hair, saliva and food residues scattered on the right and left (those with dogs, especially large dogs, can understand what we are talking about) are not exactly the best hygiene. In this section, we will present how to clean a […]

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How to pollinate tomatoes properly?

In the city, there is not always the necessary amount of pollinators that we would like and many urban gardens suffer the consequences of lack of pollination, falling flowers to the ground and never bearing fruit. The truth is that the solution to this problem is simpler than it seems, then I will explain how to pollinate […]

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10 interior design secrets from the pros

Designing the interior of your home is one of the best things about owning a property. If you are fortunate enough to have bought your own house with the legal support of a Conveyancing Solicitors London company such as, you’ll likely be excited about making your own mark on it. Getting advice about what […]