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Wood and stone in sight in the restored house

The house is located on the 3rd floors of an ancient building. And a total surface of about 200 square meters. The internal and external load-bearing structures required a lot of repairs, with articulated wall works. Demolish all divisional walls, the layout now provides minimal internal divisions. The new distribution has involved the shifting of […]

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Adding Personality to Your Home

Just a few years ago, people where talking about how tastes were becoming “democratized”. The prevailing theory was that nationwide chains like Tommy Hilfiger and The Gap were allowing people from all walks of life to adopt the same ‘classic’ style. The democratic concept has made its way into home décor; our homes are mostly […]

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10 Reasons Why You Need a Designer Fireplace

One size fits all works only in prisons but in all other matters, trends are changing so rapidly that we talk of designer this and designer that, right from clothes, cars, and electronics to kitchens and fireplaces! This does not leave out interior decoration which plays an integral role in nearly every other household. It […]

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How to Choose a Fence for your Property

Fencing is all that protects your home from the barbaric hordes outside world and picking the correct fencing can be a matter of life or death. Well, perhaps we’re being a little dramatic here, but that aside, choosing the right fencing matters and can make your life a lot easier, home more attractive and reduce […]

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Tips on redecorating your bedroom on a budget

Without doubt, the one place in the home which should be both relaxing and luxurious is the bedroom. Initially, you may think that achieving a luxurious bedroom is likely to cost a small fortune, however this neednt be the case. By making a few quick and simple changes, you can transform the look and feel of your […]

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How Safe Is Your Roof From Extreme Weather?

Tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, large hail, heavy snowfall. They all have one thing in common. These types of extreme weather will wreak havoc on your houses roof. These common weather problems have the ability to damage and rip through a roof, causing a lot of damage. If you dont take action once your roof starts leaking, […]

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Tips on House Marketing

In the current economic climate, the property sector is very much a buyer’s market. With little negotiation available on the price, property PR and marketing becomes even more crucial in attracting potential buyers, and in turning those people from interested browsers to purchasers.

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10 Ways to Make a Small Bedroom Feel Bigger

Your bedroom is the room that provides you relaxation and stress reduction after a long and exhausting day. But what if your bedroom is that small that makes you feel depressed instead of relaxed? A lot of people have faced the challenge of decorating and organizing small rooms. And a lot of great ideas have […]