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10 interior design secrets from the pros

Designing the interior of your home is one of the best things about owning a property. If you are fortunate enough to have bought your own house with the legal support of a Conveyancing Solicitors London company such as, you’ll likely be excited about making your own mark on it. Getting advice about what […]

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Home cinema systems without wires

Home cinema systems are an attractive proposition. At least they are in the adverts which show all that sleek kit with no sign of how it’s all connected together. The reality, as anyone who has tried to set one up knows, is that there is inevitably a tangle of wires which are impossible to disguise, […]

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How to get rid of flies with homemade fly killer

Has it happened to you that you can not eat in peace because some flies insist on perching on your plate? In addition to annoying, these insects are very unhygienic. So, having them flying around the different rooms of your home can be really unpleasant. The best thing is to fight them with the homemade fly killer […]

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How to Personalise Your Rented Home

Add style and personality without breaking the bank – or your tenancy rules! Image Credit 1. Walls Some landlords might be laidback and allow you to freshen up the paintwork at your own expense. If this is the case, it’s best to choose light neutral shades, as there’s less chance the landlord will ask you […]

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Decorating your period home

Decorating the exterior of your home can instantly improve its appearance but it has other benefits as well, such as weather-proofing it. Decorating the interior of your property also helps you to make the most of any original features inside your period home. Some period homes will be listed or in a protected conservation area […]

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How to make a clothes rack from pvc pipe?

There are many impractical units that do not really provide adequate storage for anything modern. Like the shallow closet that is built between two posts on the wall, near the floor, do not you think?. In my endless desire to create more ways to store things in my small sardine can of living space, I […]

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Types of wax for furniture and features of its use

In the house, furnished with wooden furniture is warmth and comfort reign. The only pity is that over time, an expensive cupboard or shelf can crack and become covered with cobwebs. Wax for furniture will breathe new life into the tree and return the furniture to its original brilliance and beauty. This professional tool can […]