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Maintaining UPVC in winter

Many people fit UPVC windows, doors and frames because they offer easy upkeep, attractive looks and great functionality. However, when the weather turns cold and rainy, it can be harder to keep them looking good. Read on for ways to maintain your UPVC in winter.

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Severe weather conditions can make it difficult to maintain windows as construction materials can be damaged by ice and low temperatures. Making sure you maintain doors and windows in bad weather is a great way to make a long-term difference to your property and ensure its general safety, security and appearance.

Making Regular Checks

It is important to check your doors and windows with UPVC regularly, especially in winter, to make sure everything is in good order. Even the best-made materials can suffer damage over time. Working early on to deal with damage usually means lower costs and faster repairs.

DIY Jobs

To maintain UPVC during winter, you should clean windows and doors on the outside and inside using some white vinegar, which is effective yet gentle. Inspect the hinges and listen for squeaks. Add lubricant if needed, and leave windows open for a while each day to help the hinges. You should also check the locks to ensure the mechanism is smooth and doesn’t stick or grind.

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Choosing an Expert

Knowing where to turn for low-cost repairs can reduce your overall costs when caring for UPVC. Choosing a Dublin windows and doors specialist, such as, or another expert firm in a different city will ensure you receive professional guidance that will pay for itself in the long run if any problems do occur.

Adding Value to Your Home

It is always a good idea to learn about construction materials so you can assess damage and make the right decisions about repairs. If you deal with issues promptly and keep UPVC in top condition, this also adds value to your home. One of the most important ways to make your home attractive to buyers is to keep on top of DIY jobs and maintenance issues.

UPVC became highly popular in the 1980s as people looked to replace old timber window frames with it. This modern material gives a contemporary look and is low maintenance, but it is still vital to keep an eye on your windows and doors, especially in winter.

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