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What Is A Landscape Design Theme?

Landscape design refers to the arrangement of various attributes found in a backyard, a park, any area that can be refined and modified for both practical and aesthetic objectives. The art of landscape design (and it is just as much of an art as it is a functional component for beautifying your home or any outdoor space) incorporates an assorted variety of conceptual facets that are geared toward affecting the visual perception of a landscape.

These concepts work in concert with one another so as to create a visually dynamic and engaging perception for the viewer. This is accomplished by first placing an importance on the concept of harmony in your design, whereas a theme is chosen and conveyed in a uniform manner throughout the entire landscape.

Achieving Harmony

Such a thing could be implemented in any number of ways, whether it means utilizing one dominant color or creating repetitive aspects over the entire landscape. But harmony will only work if you also incorporate a sense of balance and proportion. When harmony is attained in the aesthetics and functionality of a landscape it means that the eye of the viewer detects that all the pieces now fit together in the service of conveying a distinct and apparent thematic approach.

Balance refers to a juxtaposition of two sectors of the landscape which works alongside the concept of proportion in restoring harmony to the area. For there to be proper proportion in any landscape, the sizes of the various components or the sizes of collections of these components bunched together must fit when compared to one another.

Having one component be massive largely in relation to the other components around it can throw your harmony off balance and allow that one component to dominate your eyeline. When all the elements of your landscape are proportioned in relation to each other, it achieves a more successful sense of balance and harmony across your full landscape.

Landscape Design is Fluid

There is no hard and fast rule to creating the ideal landscape design. That’s because it can be achieved in many different facets that suit the taste of the individual. Not everyone likes the same kind of greenery around their home or in a public park.

Designers work to create their vision based upon their own personal preferences and/or those of the individuals for whom they are doing this type of work. But a landscape designer may be hired for his or her affinity to a certain type of aesthetic or because they are known for working with a specific type of plant or shrubbery.

But to suggest there is only one way to craft landscape design is incorrect. There are many acceptable solutions to designing a landscape and while there may be certain designs that many might agree are “better” or “worse” than others, it all really comes down to the person for whom the design is being developed and executed. Some designers may want to use Pete Rose mulch in their overall aesthetic, others may not want to use mulch at all.

Landscape design themes truly supports the old adage that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.

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