How to keep the house clean | 7 tips for a clean house without stress

The immaculate houses portrayed in the magazine or web photos are not real. The real houses, ours, are not residences of representation, but homes lived 24 hours by the whole family. Chasing the idea of a clean house to perfection can be frustrating and make our relationship with household cleaning (and family members) difficult. For it does not happen, we have to set realistic goals that make us feel good.

How to keep the house clean in a few steps

How to keep the house clean

The main (and justified) complaint of those who divide between home and work? Having to sacrifice all or part of the weekend for house cleaning and then … Sunday night, most of the work has already gone to be blessed. Keep reading: Small vertical DIY planters wall planters for small spaces

We’re not talking about cleaning maniacs, but about all those people who like to live in a clean and tidy environment, that is, the overwhelming majority. If you are part of the category, this simple “vade-mecum” of the clean house without stress can be useful.

Keep the house clean: main rules

How to keep the house clean

Lower the bar

Do not pretend that the house is always bright “in the mirror”; as I said before, the showcase houses are only those of the magazines. Cleaning the whole house at once, every time, is a super job, often useless and discouraging. Better to divide the work into small daily tasks, which take very little time and do not accumulate for the whole week.

Divide the house into sectors

Each room is a sector: bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, even the entrance is. In every room, there are small things you can do daily and quickly. If you have a family, get help, after a little break-in they will become automatic gestures.

Prioritize the areas that you consider most important

You can stand a little dust on furniture, but do not transact on cleaning the bathroom. Here is an example of priority. Focus on what you think is most important , the rest you will do on free days, greatly reducing time.

7 tips to keep the house clean every day

How to keep the house clean

Learning to keep order is a big step forward to manage household cleaning with less effort. A neat house also seems cleaner, more comfortable and presentable.

1 – Redo the bed in the morning

First of all an unmade bed immediately conveys the idea of disorder and untidiness. Coming back home in the evening and finding it ready for rest will certainly make you feel better. Try to do it again as soon as you get up and take the opportunity to open the window and ventilate the room . Just a few minutes.

2 – Do not leave clothes anywhere

How to keep the house clean

Keep a free space in the closet , where to put the clothes you want to wear again before washing them. A small shelf or crutch is sufficient. Wash them immediately in the laundry basket . If you have enough, do the washing machine in the evening and stretch out the next morning , before going out.

3 – Change towels often

It takes only two minutes to throw dirty towels into the washing machine and replace them with clean and fragrant ones. Fresh and tidy wipes immediately give the idea of clean. If you intend to reuse them, spread them well on the appropriate supports , do not leave them moist and “balled” around. The same goes for the kitchen towels.

4 – Dry the surfaces after the shower

Fill a spray with water and white vinegar . After the shower, spray on wet surfaces and dry with a cloth . A quick job that will prevent the formation of limescale stains. On the weekend you will not waste time rubbing. When you have more time rub the tile joints with a brush and a solution of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide in equal parts. Use it in the kitchen too.

How to keep the house clean

5 – Do not leave the dishes in the sink

After the bed to be redone, the second thing that makes the house untidy are the dishes abandoned in the sink. If you have a dishwasher, empty it in the morning while you prepare breakfast. Fill it with each meal and let it leave after dinner.

If you do not have a dishwasher, take ten minutes to wash the dishes. If you let them accumulate, you’ll spend a lot more time, you’ll have to rub and tidy up all the space around. Also clean the fires and the worktops immediately.

6 – Keep sofas and armchairs tidy

Before going to sleep, sprinkle the cushions of sofas and armchairs, shake them and put them back in order. Take a quick tour around the room and collect paper, glasses or children’s games. It will be pleasant to come back in the evening and find a neat and comfortable stay.

7 – Perfume the environments

How to keep the house clean

Open windows whenever possible, even in winter. It takes only a few minutes to change the air. If it’s cold, do it in the morning before going out. Fill one or two bowls with baking soda and a few drops of essential oil. Place it in the living room, in the hallway or at the entrance. The bicarbonate absorbs the smells and the essences spread a pleasant scent. Check also:

Or fill a spray with water, alcohol and fabric softener in equal parts. It is an excellent air freshener for rooms, which you can also use on textiles (no silk or leather).

These daily gestures, divided between morning and evening, will occupy a minimal part of your time, will help you keep the house clean and make weekly cleaning easier and faster when you think about the floors, change sheets, dust and little else really.

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