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Improving your bathroom with luxury items

Redecorating a room requires a lot of creativity. It often feels like the bathroom is one of the hardest places to create a proper atmosphere; it will either be too crowded, or a bit too dark, or plain ugly. If you are ready to invest in your bathroom to create the peaceful haven that you’ve been dreaming of for years, you could be interested in some of the luxury furniture that are listed in the current article. It is not necessary to live in Europe these days to have access to fashionable furniture: all the following products are also made and found in North America!

Shower columns to make you relax

You’ve probably heard of them already, but if you did not install one in your bathroom, it may be the time to change your mind. Good shower columns are able to shoot high-pressure water to different parts of your body while you wash, thanks to its many nozzles, which means you’ll receive a very welcomed massage every morning if you’d like. Their price will vary from less than 500$ to a few thousand, depending on the style and quality of the product you are looking for. It’s even possible to find shower columns made of Okoumé wood, which will guarantee a pretty rustic look to your shower.

A wooden bathtub to complete the set

If you go for the Okoumé shower column, you may as well find a bathtub made of the same material! This product is very different from the common, boring ceramic tub. It may sound a bit awkward at first to choose this kind of material, but the product’s designers made sure that the wood would be waterproof: there’s no worry about the quality of the bathtub going down after a few months.
Of course, a product like this comes with a high price tag: more or less 20 000 dollars. If you cannot afford such high luxury items, do not worry; you’ll find more accessible items later in this article. You can be sure that furniture like this will draw positive attention from your guests, though!

Stylish vanities

Bathroom vanities are known to be very useful for improving your storage space. Sometimes, though, they can be very… standard. Why not go for wider alternatives when you buy your bathroom vanity? Some manufacturers, for example, will offer you a scarlet version of this product! It may not fit in every bathroom, but it is so pretty it deserves at least a bit of consideration.

Going for bathroom plants is always right

Ok, bathroom plants may not be considered “luxury” since they are pretty cheap to buy… but they definitely LOOK luxurious. They will bring the beauty of nature back into your home, and they can help purifying the air at the same time. Do not make the mistake of adding random varieties of plants, though: you’ll have to look for tropical plants that can easily survive in a humid environment. An article written by the notorious Do-it-yourself website could definitely give you some basic tips on the type of plants that would suit best this situation. You’ll quickly find out that bamboo is not the only plant to grow with humidity!

If you are looking for more ideas on luxury furniture that you could buy to make your bathroom look amazing, you might try some house design websites that are made especially for people to share their projects. Houzz, for example, is a pretty strong example on the home design topic, with more than a million pictures of random people as well as interior designers and manufacturers.

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