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How to take a bath in 10 minutes

If you think it is impossible to take a bath in 10 minutes, you have to read this article. Here, we will tell you how to take a bath in 10 minutes. 

The bathroom is one of the rooms of the house that cleaner and better aroma should have, so, devote only 10 minutes to take care of it will allow us to feel that our bathroom is that particular spa where we also find our moments of relaxation. To make a bath in 10 minutes, you should only consider two things: The importance of order and have the proper tools and products for cleaning. We start? Keep reading: Different Styles of Whirlpool Baths to Install in Your Home

How to take a bath in 10 minutes

How to take a bath

To do the bath in 10 minutes, always start the same method:

1.- Strip the chain.

2.- Ventila. If you do not have a window, create the current with the rooms you have nearby.

3.- Shake the mat in the shower tray or bathtub, collect this dirt with toilet paper and pour it into the toilet.

4.- Begin by applying the cleaning product for bathrooms with a diffuser in this order: sink, bidet, shower and finally, the toilet. Rinse, check the mirrors and dry the faucet with a dry cloth.

5.- In small bathrooms, pass the floor with a fabric or toilet paper, if the bathroom is large mop moves.

The importance of order

How to take a bath

Maintaining order in the bathroom, as in other areas of the house, is essential if you want to do the cleaning efficiency and in record time. You can facilitate that order taking advantage of, baskets, drawers or shelves. Avoid keeping boxes, samples of products you do not want or empty containers and ensure that each utensil or hygiene product always has the same place to store. In the case of towels, leave them hanging in their place as stretched as possible so that they dry better and do not generate, with moisture, fungi difficult to remove with the usual washings.

Have the right tools and products

How to take a bath

Believe it or not, cleaning the bathroom does not require too many products or cleaning supplies. You will only need a small diffuse with special preparation for bathrooms or a soapy multi-purpose product, a semi-soft sponge for not scratching the toilets, a cleaning cloth and one more for cleaning mirrors and drying faucets, a bucket and a mop. Also, whenever possible, we recommend that you use products with natural essences so that you will achieve a healthier effect on your home. Also, if you prefer, you can easily prepare your natural cleaning products.

If you follow this method, you will find that doing the bath in 10 minutes is possible. However, remember that period and as needed, at least once a week must be cleaned thoroughly. Do not forget the cleanliness of the brush and, that, at least, twice a year, it is necessary to clean the symphonic boat so that the drains work well. You may also like:

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