How to store clothes without a closet or dresser

The wardrobe is an essential piece of furniture for many people. There are times when it is impossible to have it. Whether due to lack of space, lack of budget, comfort, or simply because you will not be in a house for a long time, the closet may be absent, and the question arises. Let’s discover how to store clothes without a closet or dresser?

It is possible to have clothes and accessories ordered even without this useful piece of furniture. In this note, I share with you some ideas for organizing clothes without a wardrobe.

How to store clothes without a closet or dresser?

For example, by hanging a shelf near the ceiling and underneath a barrel, you can place clothes folded up and hung down with hangers. It is ideal for when you only have drawers since large garments do not take place. Another strategy is to place low dressers and above a barrel. This way, you gain a lot of space to hang dresses, pants, and even long coats.

In case you do not want to see the clothes exposed all the time and prevent them from filling the ground, a curtain to the tone with the surrounding decoration can be very useful. In addition to gaining space, it adds a great visual appeal to the room.

Rack for clothes

Rack for clothes

The most obvious alternative is a clothes rack or clothes hanger. The most “complete” models differ from the cabinet only in the absence of an external frame. Usually, racks have a bar (or several), there may be shelves for clothes and a shelf below for shoes. On such a floor coat hanger, you can fit your entire wardrobe – from light blouses to outerwear. There are sliding racks that can be adjusted in width and height, choosing the most optimal parameters for themselves. And if you buy a hanger with wheels, get a free mini-dressing room, which you can always push behind the door or put in a corner, hiding, for example, behind a screen.

Suspension rod

Suspension rod

For the rack, though a little, but square meters of living space is required, and for the hanging bar there is no need for floor space at all. It can be mounted on the wall or even on the ceiling – a simple solution, but for storing things on hangers is enough. If desired, the bar can be made an original interior detail by adopting a sturdy tree branch or some interesting loft-style pipe under it.

Wire Cabinet

Wire Cabinet

An unusual and stylish way to store clothes. Wire cabinet can be open and closed – with doors or curtains. It is convenient to install it in a niche, but in any other place, such a structure will become spacious storage of things. Its essential elements are racks, wire shelves, baskets, retractable thanks to guides. Crucial advantages of such a cabinet are compactness and visual “weightlessness.” The wire system will easily fit into an apartment, things will be visible, creating coziness, because they, and not cabinets, give the interior individuality and a feeling of habitable space.

Decorating curtain

Decorating curtain

Slightly above, we mentioned this method. The decorative curtain is a cross between open storage and a cupboard. The curtains here replace the doors, and this disguise allows you to hide shelves, poles, and baskets with things from prying eyes. This fabric curtain has its advantages: it is inexpensive and quickly replaced by another. Decorating curtains will be an organic part of any interior, and if desired – and its highlight. Well, the main plus: the curtain protects things from dust and sun, while not in the space.

Hooks, wall hangers, roof rails

Only a few hooks will help to place a decent amount of clothing or accessories. They do not require additional square meters on the floor; they can be mounted on the wall or door. They can be invisible or bright, acting as a decorative element of the interior. Instead of hooks, you can use rails, they can hang hangers with clothes, and if you need hooks, you can hook them on the tracks.

Mannequin, coat rack, pouf

And a few little helpers, thanks to whom there will be a place for a few things. In an apartment where there is no closet, you need to use all the possibilities.

A floor coat hanger can be replaced with a mannequin – real dressmakers or decorative. Of course, a lot of things will not fit in it, but it looks very original.

The ladder hanger is a stylish and modern accessory that will be useful in any room. You need to lean the ladder against the wall and use the crossbar as a hanger for clothes, bags, shoes, towels, and even magazines and books. The ladder can be easily rearranged to another place, and if necessary, hidden behind the door.

The hollow poof is an excellent two-in-one solution. You can sit on it and store things inside. You can fold into a pouf anything: clothes, textiles, shoes and even documents. Quite a lot is placed in it, things don’t gather dust and do not clutter up space, and the poof continues to perform its primary function.

The most common way to store clothes when you do not have a closet is to use the suitcases and keep them under the bed. While it is a viable option, it is not the most practical. It is only suitable for storing clothes for another season.

You can create a kind of closet in a corner behind the bed, with shelves at the sides. In this way, in addition to having comfortable clothes, a sort of backrest of the couch is created. You can also add a curtain to hide the clothes.

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