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How to Replace Rotted Wood Around Window (Step by Step)

Wood is a common part of interior design and construction. It is prone to damage and deterioration of moisture, heat, light and other factors. If you notice that your wooden door frame began to take root in some places, you don’t have to change the entire door. With the right tools and a perfect amount of wood or epoxy putty, you can patch the affected area and save your door. In this article, we will present how to replace rotted wood around window.

How to replace rotted wood around window?

how to replace rotted wood around window

# Step 1: Measure the length, width and height of the wooden window frame, crossbar, and the top plate of the window to be replaced. To purchase the replacement window sill, top plate and window frame, you will have the exact measurements.

# Step 2: Locate and inspect the damage on the door frame. If you discover that the rot is at an early stage, you can easily repair the affected area with fillers. However, if the rot damage is too severe, it is better to replace the entire frame to prevent it from collapsing and collapse.

# Step 3: Remove soft parts of rotten wood with a chisel or similar metal tool. Be sure to remove all affected wood and chisel to healthy parts. You will recognise rotten wood because it is loose, soft and has a darker colour than the rest of the structure.

# Step 4: Apply two or three thick hardener wood coats to the chiselled area. A wide brush, slightly past the edges of the area and do not miss a single point. The wood hardener is generally an epoxy-based sealer that penetrates through the wood surface.

# Step 5: Fill the hole in the door frame with an epoxy or wood putty. Use a spatula to apply the substance, shape and do it even with the surface of the door frame. Let it dry and harden a little, meanwhile check if the putty was contracted, in which case it is necessary to apply more.

# Step 6: Remember that the filled area must be invisible, such as the wood of the door frame that remains intact and hassles free.

# Step 7: Apply a coat over the entire frame and let it dry. Then paint the door frame with the wood of the colour you want. Let it dry and do not touch it for 24 hours.

Water can sometimes get below the wood of a window frame. Usually, this results from poor paintwork, or paint that chips and allows water to enter. Rotten windows cannot be repaired and will have to be replaced. You can buy pre-sized window frames from a local home improvement store once you measure the dimensions of the window frame, bottom and top floor. After installing the new window frame, caulk it to make sure it is safe and isolated.

Tips and warnings

See home improvement stores for additional wood restoration products that can be used. Prevent future decomposition by regularly applying protective paint to the surface of your door frame. Wear thick and durable work gloves when using a chisel.

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