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How to prevent rugs slipping on your floor

Slipping rugs can be a dangerous problem and can cause significant injury when least expected. There is nothing worse that purchasing a nice rug to place in front of the  Reception Chairs that you got from stockists like and finding that when your visitors stand up they slip on the rug. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to avoid rugs slipping and reduce the chances of nasty slides and falls.

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These tips will help to keep you safe from slipping rugs and are far simpler than the science used to stop Canadians flailing about on icy patches in the cold winters!

Non-slip backing

If you have wooden flooring, linoleum or tiles, a non-slip backing mat is the perfect solution to keep rugs in place. This backing sticks to the rug and has a non-slip texture that keeps the rug flat on the floor and stops it moving about. You can cut the non-slip underlay to the exact size of your rug, and it is readily available at most hardware stores.

Sticky feet

If you have laminate flooring you won’t want to damage it with adhesives; however, sticky feet – small tabs of sticky double-sided tape – work very well to keep your rug in place. You can position these where you prefer, and they are quick to remove when required.

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If a non-slip underlay or sticky feet are not an option, you can always secure your rug with furniture such as the reception chairs we mentioned earlier. This, of course limits your options as to where you put your rug, but the corner of a couch, bookcase or table can work wonders in keeping it secure.

It is important when considering soft furnishings for a business premises that you carry out a full risk assessment of the area to ensure that you aren’t inadvertently creating a slip or trip hazard. You want your business visitors and staff members to feel comfortable in your offices but safety should always be at the back of your mind when purchasing items to go in these spaces. You should also consider the type of work that you do and your business branding and try to incorporate these into your office styling and design. This may mean using your logo colours in strategic places around the office or perhaps providing your staff with a break out area to relax in during times away from their desks. The possibilities really are endless.

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