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How to Personalise Your Rented Home

Add style and personality without breaking the bank – or your tenancy rules!

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1. Walls

Some landlords might be laidback and allow you to freshen up the paintwork at your own expense. If this is the case, it’s best to choose light neutral shades, as there’s less chance the landlord will ask you to repaint when you move out, and they’ll maximise light and give a spacious airy feel.

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If paint isn’t an option, don’t panic. Walls can be personalised with art works and photos. If you can’t use picture hooks, command strips are the perfect solution; just make sure to follow the instructions carefully to prevent damage. You could also use removable wall stickers to create interest and even give the illusion of wallpaper on a feature wall. Large mirrors don’t need to be wall-mounted either – prop one up to help reflect light and look decorative whilst still being functional.

2. Furniture

Your main pieces of furniture – bed, sofa, drawers – are all the same height, so consider mixing things up with pieces at different heights. Boltless shelving not only utilises wall space and storage options but is a great way to display the things you love and add character. Open shelving such as boltless shelving options are perfect for displaying your books, keepsakes and photos, or with baskets or boxes for storage.

3. Plants

Plants are an easy way to bring life and colour to any space. Easy ones to look after are spider plants, aloe vera, rubber plants and even herbs. And if you aren’t green-fingered, there are some very realistic artificial plants that will look just as good. You can cluster different ones together on your boltless shelving unit for impact and have larger ones on the floor.

4. Textiles

Inject colour and personality into your room with your soft furnishing. Rugs will add cosiness and texture, and an oversized one will really help to open up a small space. Adding cushions and a throw over the sofa or bed in contrasting colours and patterns will look great too.

5. Lighting

If you are able to replace the lightshades, this is a simple way to personalise your space (and can be taken with you when you leave). If changing them isn’t an option, you can add personal touches by combining tall floor lamps with smaller lamps at different heights.

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