How to make a room look bigger with flooring? 3 tips

3 tips to make a room appear larger than what is actually using interior decoration, leaving the spaces free, illuminating and visually expanding the room. One of the ways to make a room look bigger than it actually is to use interior decoration. In this article, we show you how to make a room look bigger with flooring. 

How to make a room look bigger with flooring?

how to make a room look bigger with flooring

Here are the 3 tips that, applied according to your taste, give the feeling of being in a more spacious environment. Keep reading: Air conditioner effects: 10 Negative and dangerous effects

1. Leave the room free

Too many things around give the impression of overcrowding and further reduce the visual dimension of the room.

Use furniture with legs. Furniture that does not have a base that touches the floor is visually lighter and gives the impression of a larger room.

Eliminate the confusion. The free and clean surfaces give the illusion of having more space to put things, while too many things inserted into a small room make it feel even closer to reality.

A decluttering session improves every type of room, but in a small environment, it can make the difference. Hide all cables, eliminate everything that is rarely used and use containers for everyday objects.

2. Allow the light to enter

how to make a room look bigger with flooring

Light is important in interior design for a variety of reasons, but it is particularly suitable for giving the airiness to a small room and creating a sense of lightness.

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Well-lit environments appear more open and airy. Try to have at least five sources of light and preferably of varying intensity. During the day it is important that the light enters the room: the roof windows in the attic are perfect for having zenithal light all day.

Use light-colored paints, which reflect light and illuminate the room. Use light fabrics to furnish. Curtains should be able to provide some privacy and filter the light while allowing sunlight to enter the environment.

3. Expand the dimensions visually

how to make a room look bigger with flooring

Use visual solutions that give the impression that a room is much larger than it actually is. A slightly lighter colored ceiling on the walls gives the impression that it is higher than it actually is and makes everything brighter.

Add light tones to the floor: enough rugs resting on a dark floor to immediately remove the feeling of being in a tight environment. The mirrors visually increase the size of the room. Position them to reflect the most beautiful parts, such as a painting, a plant or a window.

The horizontal lines on the wall make a larger room appear; the vertical lines make it appear higher. Use interesting graphic elements to distract the eye from the size of the room. Use pictures or landscapes that look like windows on the outside world, so you can breathe in a very small space. You might also like:

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