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How to decorate study room? 6 amazing useful tricks

Are you confused how to decorate study room? Here we bring some tricks to decorate a study room. The rooms of a house have to be enabled and decorated to meet specific objectives. Today we will focus on how to decorate a study room and what decorative accessories to use, in such a way that we can create a comfortable space.

It is very important to mention that in a study room we have to be calm and focused while studying or working. Then I leave a list of tricks to decorate a study room, I hope it is very useful and get to have a super home at home to work or study quietly and very focused. Keep reading: How to organize a room with too much stuff? Step by step guideline

How to decorate study room?

how to decorate study room

Pain the walls

The first thing you should do is choose the perfect colors to paint the walls of the study room. With the colors you choose you to have to create a relaxed atmosphere where you can easily concentrate, so it is not recommended that you use too bright or intense colors. Rather it is advisable to opt for neutral and soft colors such as cream, white, you can also use pale greens and blues.


how to decorate study room

The element that is most important in a study room is lighting. The important thing is to make the most of natural light during the day, so you have to keep the windows of the room well clear, and to avoid that there is too much air or cold, install curtains of light designs and that are of light colors. For the night, incorporate in the center of the room a ceiling lamp and another lamp that directly illuminates the work area or the desk.


A study room has to be truly a functional space, where all the elements you need daily are well organized so that you work comfortably. Therefore, recharging the space with many furniture and objects is a serious mistake that only creates a boring environment. Rather put only what is necessary: the desk to work and put the computer, a chair that is super comfortable and a large shelf to put magazines, books, files, folders, etc.?

Furniture distribution

how to decorate study room

Another important factor to consider is the distribution of furniture in the study room. To fully enjoy the natural light, it is advisable to place the desk under the window. For your part, choose a library that is large and places it on one of the walls of the room. If you see that the rest of the walls are too empty, I recommend some horizontal shelves or decorate one of the walls with a box that is large.


The furniture you choose must be functional and practical. Drawer tables are a great option since most of the study rooms are too small to put other furniture. You also have to choose a seat where you feel relaxed and comfortable while you are studying or working. Currently, you can get chairs that are classic or modern lines so choose the one that best suits the decorative style of your stay.

Rug and chairs

how to decorate study room

A study room can also be decorated to your liking and provide your personal touch. To make this space warm and cozy, I suggest that in the center of the room place a nice rug, some plants and if you have enough space try to create a reading or relaxing area with a small table and armchairs.

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