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How to decorate a living room with tile floors? White and blue

It is the color of the sea and the sky and offers thousands of decorative possibilities. Combined with white, blue becomes a real resource when choosing the coating in bathrooms, kitchens and floors. Today we bring how to decorate a living room with tile floors.

How to decorate a living room with tile floors?

We all know that ceramics are one of the most innovative floors and wall coverings that exist. If it has been used since ancient times, it is one of the materials that has advanced the most, both technologically and at the design level. And if not, look at the ceramic floors so modern that we taught you recently.

The fact is that ceramics, in addition to modern and resistant, has another quality: the wide variety of styles, models, finishes and formats that it is capable of developing and that make it appropriate for all kinds of spaces, places and decorative trends. That you have a modern house, with a very avant-garde design? You have a ceramic coating that will be perfect! What is your house rather classic? You can choose from a million possibilities in a question of ceramic floors. What is your rustic countryman? There is a perfect tile for floors and walls of cottages. The versatility of ceramics is undoubtedly impressive.

How to decorate a living room with tile floors

Azulejos in blue and white

Although the combination of these two colors as far as ceramics are concerned has been used for a very long time, it has not lost an iota of validity. It is still topical. In fact, it is a timeless and unique style that does not go out of style, although this combination of colors is a classic in terms of decorations created with tiles.

It is common for the most innovative ceramic tile firms to develop models that use the blue and white duo as essential colors when decorating different spaces. The granite compositions that use these colors are very topical in bathrooms, for example. Remember the color of the sea and the sky and put a fresh note of modernity.

Decorative elements with a lot of history

But blue and white tiles have a long history. It is a range inspired by Delft ceramics, in the Netherlands, in the 17th century. At that time a ceramic school was developed in this city that achieved great worldwide fame for the high quality of the products and the designs, so delicate and different for the time. These tiles created in Delft by Italian emigrant craftsmen decorated the kitchens and bathrooms of the richest and stately palaces of the 17th century with their floral and geometric designs.

Throughout history, this pottery has been very present in the country houses, so it is very appropriate to decorate kitchens with country air and a rustic touch.

How to put a vintage touch

Recalling the geometric designs of the hydraulic tiles that decorated the floors of a few decades ago both in the houses of the cities and in the villages, there are many companies in the sector of ceramic tiles that have chosen to reinterpret this style and Take certain products in this line.

It is a ceramic with which it seeks to achieve an artisanal air for walls and floors. As with designs inspired by Delft ceramics, the key is not to over-tidy the space. If you are passionate about these designs, dare with them. You will have to be cautious, yes, at the time of completing the decoration of the rest of the stay. When the coatings have such decorative power, it is better to opt for simple environments, with light furniture that does not fill the space too much.

Arabic inspiration for floors and walls

With the same balance between freshness and tradition that we have seen so far, the hexagonal-shaped tiles add a geometric point to the design, to create environments of Arab inspiration. The result is elegant environments in blue and white that differ a little from the rest, and that adopt a Mediterranean air totally in tune with the range of colors.

Of all the models that we present, what is your favorite?

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