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How to Choose Carpet Color According to Your Room

Installing a carpet in a room can be a challenging task, not only because you must choose the material of the general and vintage room. Its design and pattern, but you must also choose carpet color.

The color of the carpet somehow influences the environment of the room in which it will be placed. The color you choose can also make the room appear larger or smaller. Now, if you are wondering how to select the color of the carpet, you will first have to think about your preferences.

How to choose carpet color?

Based on your personal preferences, you can choose your favorite color. It may not be the best option. If you insist on placing a carpet of your favorite color, consider its different shades. Out there, your favorite color does not match the room, but different shades of that same color may be appropriate.

For example, let’s say you live in a wooden house. Your room is small. You want a red carpet. If you put a dark red carpet, your room will look smaller. So try a lighter shade of grayish red.

Set the carpet color

Set the carpet color

The color of the carpet should be in harmony with the furniture and the general tone of the decoration. If your room has bright colors, a neutral-colored carpet will not compete with the other colors. If the room is neutral, the carpet can have more daring colors or patterns.

The owners of this house wanted to achieve integration between the interior area and the garden. The architect Patricia Salgado was to reproduce the forms of nature in the decoration. This nylon carpet with prints of leaves and flowers that bring so much life to the environment needs furniture composed of neutral pieces.

If the floor has a neutral and smooth coating, such as porcelain without stamping, or natural wood, you can use more played rugs with oriental prints. But if the floor is very worked, such as parquet, patterned ceramics, mosaics or bricks, smooth floor mats will be much more suitable.

In which room would you like to install the carpet?

If you want to place it in the living room, where the atmosphere must be lively and cheerful, warm colors are the most appropriate. Warm colors such as yellow, orange, or red generate a feeling of emotion. Warm colors go well in dining rooms or living rooms.

Choose Carpet Color

If you want to create a relaxing environment, cool colors will bring that feeling of freshness and serenity. The blues, greens, and lilacs are ideal colors for the rooms and rooms where one seeks to relax.

A golden rule for interior design is that dark colors make rooms look smaller while lighter shades give the illusion that a small room is large. This can also be applied to the colors of the carpet. Consider this when choosing the color of your carpet.

Now, do you think your carpet will match the room where you put it? What is the color of the walls? Will your carpet blend perfectly? To answer these questions, why don’t you read magazines or look at the offices and rooms you have visited? This will help you choose the color of your carpet. It is unnecessary for the color to “combine” with the walls. Just consider if this color fits well with the color of your carpet.

If you are still confused and cannot decide, choose neutral colors such as beige, gray, and ivory. You can experiment with other colors later. Choosing the color of the carpet can be a difficult task since its installation can cost you a lot and you will also have to live with it for a long time. Then, take the time to choose the color of your carpet. You don’t have to hurry.

The carpets have to match. The best thing is that the carpet of the room and the dining room have a unit either by color, texture, pattern or shape.

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