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What To Do When Your Home Is Heated Unevenly

Heating your home properly is something you may not always think about, until there’s something preventing that from occurring. When you detect an issue of some kind, you may have a hard time trying to determine what the problem might be.

Unfortunately, that can be tougher to do than you think as uneven heating is a problem that comes with multiple potential causes. The good news is that once you do identify the culprit, the solution for fixing the problem is typically quite simple.

So the next time you are having a problem with your heating and cooling cleveland, these are the parts of the system you’ll want to analyze and diagnose first.

The Vents

Most HVAC systems operate by distributing heated or cooled air throughout the home via a network of ducts that lead to vents where your climate-controlled air enters a room. But if those vents are closed, the air can’t very well get into the room.

So if you detect that your home is just not heating very evenly, you’ll want to take a look at your vents. There could be a couple of solutions to this problem, the first being the most obvious in whether your vent is open or shut. If shut, simply open it up.

If it’s open, you could be dealing with a clogged or dirty vent. You may also want to check if any furniture is blocking the vent and preventing the heat from getting into the room. Dirty vents should be cleaned or unclogged, a blocked vent should have any obstacles cleared away.

Leaking Ducts

Warm air can only enter the room if it’s properly directed to the vent. If your vent isn’t clogged or blocked or closed, you may need to check the condition of the ductwork. Uneven heating can often be a symptom of a duct that is leaking. This is something that occurs in older ductwork and it’s not uncommon to have your air leaking out.

That can reduce the amount of heated air that enters the room, making for a costly and chilly situation. If you suspect you may have leak in your ducts, you will need to have a professional technician to come out and diagnose the problem.

Your Thermostat

Heated Unevenly

There’s a big difference between having your thermostat switched to the “on” position and the “auto” position. So if you feel like there’s uneven heating throughout your home, you may need to just set the switch in the proper position.

Having the thermostat switched to “on” will keep the fans blowing air after the heating mechanism of the system is no longer running. But “auto” will move that warm air through the ductwork when the heating mechanism is operating and actively producing heated air.

Adjusting the switch to one position over another can also be easier on your energy bills since running your heat longer can impact your costs. The thermostat is a major component of your HVAC system, therefore it’s important to check there to see if that’s where your heating issues have originated.

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