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Furnishing the children’s bedroom: ideas for organizing the bedroom

For children, the bedroom should always be a special place. A personal space where to play, study, share, dream. A dedicated room that respects their tastes and leaves room for creativity. It does not necessarily have to reflect the style of the house, but the one most suitable for a child. It must be cheerful, bright, fun, functional and safe.

Furnishing the children’s bedroom: where to start

Furnishing the children's bedroom

From the available space, from the number of children, from the budget. It does not matter if the dimensions are small, it is possible to organize the bedroom with multifunctional furniture, even exploiting the heights. The important thing is that it is a welcoming and pleasant place for children or teenagers. Continue reading: What Is the Shelf Life of Silicone?

Infants, children, and teenagers have different needs, but it is possible to furnish the room with functional furniture, suitable for use over time and which require little change. Furniture of the right size, not bulky, so that children and young people can move and play freely.

What should not be missing in a child’s bedroom?

Essential furniture to make room for the game. They will serve:

  • Bed (or beds)
  • Wardrobe
  • dresser
  • Desk
  • Library and/or shelves
  • Space for toys
  • Carpet and cushions

It is possible to choose among the hundreds of ready-made bedrooms, such as the bridge ones, practical and functional, or buy the furniture individually, with greater freedom in the choice of layout and future changes.

Suitable materials

Furnishing the children's bedroom

Before buying furniture and furnishing accessories for children, let’s not forget to think about the right materials, such as wood, natural fiber fabrics, non-toxic glues and paints, possibly certified materials. Fortunately today, production is aimed at the use of increasingly safer and quality products, especially for children’s furniture, but for the sake of accuracy, it is always better to be properly informed. As far as textiles are concerned, removable and washable fabrics are preferable, for sofas, cushions, small armchairs.

The right colors for the ideal bedroom

Not just furniture and accessories, before decorating the bedroom we also think about the right color for the walls.

Go-ahead to imagination and creativity. According to gender and age, children have different tastes, the older ones have very precise ideas about the choice of colors and decorations. As far as possible we try to support and involve them in the project, it is their room and they must live it with pleasure.

Furnishing the children's bedroom

If the room is small we focus on white, or light colors. The white furniture makes the room brighter, they are suitable for children as well as older children who, after a certain age, will no longer love the room all pink confetti or light blue. The color should not be missing, but we can reserve it for curtains, rugs, cushions, complements such as shelves and containers, wall decorations.

Space for creativity

We can paint a wall of children’s favorite color, draw cartoon characters and fairy tales. A good idea is to resort to wall murals, of which we speak in the article

Furnishing the children's bedroom

Infinite decorative themes, also dedicated to small, easy to apply and above all to remove. If we have at home small artists and design enthusiasts (even on the walls!) Here is a practical solution for us and welcome to children : apply a thin wooden slat horizontally, to which to hang sheets of white parcel paper and create a dedicated space to drawing, painting, dedications from guest friends, to collages . The sheets are very large and inexpensive. The most beautiful can be folded and stored: my mother keeps them in the box of memories and it is wonderful to review our childish drawings and read the dedications of the classmates and friends, their creative contributions.

Last tips to furnish the bedroom

We talked about carpet and pillows. Even if space is limited, do not forget to reserve a part of the games: a beautifully soft and colorful carpet, on which to rest cushions of various sizes. To leave the children free to play: lie down to read, watch a movie, build castles with the Lego, organize parades with dolls. Read also:

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