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Four reasons that fitters recommend laminate

If you’re looking for a cheap and easy to install flooring alternative to hardwood, then look to laminate. Simple to maintain and clean, resistant to heavy footfall, fast to install and looking like the real thing, there are many reasons why laminate is a popular flooring option.

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Easy installation

If you’re a budding DIYer, then this is the flooring for you. Laminate snaps together thanks to its tongue and groove system, meaning you don’t need glue or nails to keep it in place. It simply lies on top of the original flooring, be that concrete, wood or an existing vinyl. You can complete a normal sized room in less than a day with laminate. This ease of installation means that you can also replace or transfer the laminate easily.


One of the biggest attractions to laminate is the fact that it is cheaper than other forms of flooring. Compared to hardwood, laminate is a great alternative. Not only does the material cost less, but so too does the labour to install it, thanks to its easier installation. And while it might be more expensive initially than carpet, it lasts a lot longer – usually up to three or four times longer.

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Resistant and allergy friendly

Laminate flooring like those found at are resistant to both heavy footfall and scratches from dogs and children thanks to the topical layer that coats them. Thanks to this plastic exterior laminate it also has a shield that stops moisture getting in, meaning it won’t expand and contract in the way hardwood does. However, according to Wikipedia, if you do spill water it is best to wipe it up straight away and not let it sit for a length of time.

If you suffer from allergies then laminate is also a good option. Allergens and dust cannot penetrate into laminate like they can in other flooring such as carpet

Easy to maintain

Cleaning laminate is also an easy procedure. There is no need for any wax or polish thankfully – all you need is a vacuum or a brush to collect any dust particles. As it is made from recycled wood it’s best not to use too much moisture when cleaning. Cleaners that have been manufactured specifically to clean laminate along with microfiber mops are best used.

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